Dream Life Misery

Dream Life Misery

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Dream Life Misery is a high energy modern rock group recently called "The Goo Goo Dolls with balls" by an Inland Empire dj. The sound is somewhere in the Breaking Benjamin meets Audioslave range and is full of impactful, MTV2 style power.


DLM was formed from the ashes of another band in the late 90's. When songwriters Doug and Steve had their label collapse only two weeks into their first US tour, they regrouped and wrote a ton of music. From those sessions came the seeds of DLM, and with the addition of Dan on drums and then Tony on guitar they found the sound that would soon be the new band. They went into the studio in 2004 and emerged with their new record Closest Line Theory and have now launched an assault onto the rest of the world!


LP-Closest Line Theory
singles-"Low", "The Enemy". Both are begining to receive airplay on various stations around the country including regular spins on M99.5 in Palm Springs.

Video- "Low". In the final stages of completion.

Set List

The band typically plays about 45 minute sets but would be happy to play any length set. Our typical set is as follows...

Disappear, Out of Nowhere, Back In The Back, The Enemy, To Say the Least, Low, Blame, The Word.