We're a indie rock band fronted by an intelligent woman who neither contrasts an underlying male toughness nor mimics it. She plays the hell out of her guitar while the rhythm section tries to keep up, and keeps the lyrics intriguigingly cerebral. A thinking person's indie rock.


Dreamphone is an indie rock trio from Ottawa, Canada. Being in our late 20s / early 30s, the three of us have played in several bands in and around southern Ontario.

We mostly sound like bands we've had the privilege to open for over the years, leaning closer to the alt. rock / post-punk / math-rock side of things: Dismemberment Plan, Grizzly Bear, The Constantines, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.

We build around the guitar, but skew the formula on time signatures and texture.

If we could record with anyone, it would probably be Steve Albini. Or possibly someone who could approximate what he does while seeming somewhat interested.


Feeling Magenta - EP - five tracks

Available for streaming at http://dreamphone.bandcamp.com/

Recorded by Luke Duross
Mastered at Bova Sound
Cover photo by Steven Stewart
Special thanks to Rifle Eyes Collective, Luke Duross, Steven Stewart, James Hancock, Ariel Smith, and the Duross Family