Dream Posse

Dream Posse

 Lafayette, California, USA
BandAmericanaCover Band

We are excited to announce the newly reformed musical experience,
Dream Posse
Originally formed four years ago, Dream Posse has found fresh inspiration and edginess with the addition of singer/violinist, Katy Lawrence, and guitarist, Dell Burchett. Featuring a new set list that evokes nostalgia, memorable all time favorites, and a sprinkling of originals, Dream Posse delivers a fiery brand of rockin’ eclectic music with a hint of country, dual female vocals, and huge harmonies. Backed by a sta


Dream Posse is comprised of seven players. We have all been playing locally for many years.
Holding down the bottom, we have Alan and Kelly, a rhythm section that plays with several Bay Area bands, including The Buzztones, aka The Famous Three-o, and The Ken Cooper Band. They are rock solid, and we're glad to have them. Our keyboard player, Steve, is classically trained, but very funky, and can play and compose music of all styles. Our guitar players are very different in style, yet very complementary. Jeff plays beautiful finger-picking acoustic guitar and mandolin. Dell is a multi-talented guitar player/producer, originally from the legendary, East Bay band Rock Island. Katy, our violinist/fiddle player is not only extremely gifted on her instrument, but has a powerful, rockin' vocal style. And, then, of course, there's Kiki, who enjoys singing country, blues, and rock, with a versatile style, and dynamic stage presence. With the influences of Heart, Stevie Nicks, Melissa Etheridge, Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, and others, the ladies are the focal point of the group, belting out tasty dual vocal leads, one after another.
In this band, each of us are grateful to spread our wings, and play music that is close to our hearts, while entertaining our audiences if they want to dance, or just listen. With our newly expanded song list, we feel that we are just perfect for your event. We are looking forward to expanding our horizons.

Set List

1) Bad Moon Risin’ – Creedence Clearwater
2) Chrome plated Heart – Melissa Etheridge
3) Black Water – Doobie Brothers
4) Papa Was A Rolling Stone – The
5) Long time Gone – Dixie Chicks
6) Gone, Gone, Gone – Robert Plant &
Allison Krauss
7) Battle Of Evermore – Led Zepplin
8) Summer Wine – Nancy Sinatra & Lee
9) My Back Pages – Bob Dylan
10) White Bird – It’s A Beautiful Day
11) Only You Know And I Know – Delaney
& Bonnie
12) Summertime Blues – Eddy Cochran
13) Don’t You Need – Melissa Etheridge
14) Friend Of The Devil – Grateful Dead
15) The Letter – The Box Tops
16) Lighthouse – The Waifs
17) You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere – Bob Dylan
19) Destined For Modesto – Kelly Pine
20) I Want You Back – Jack King
21) Hometown Preacher – Katy Lawrence
22) Tell The Truth – Derek & The Dominos
23) Can’t Let Go – Lucinda Williams
24) U.S. Blues – Grateful Dead
25) Say You Will – Jack King
26) In the Garden – Melissa Etheridge
27) An