Hamtramck, Michigan, USA

Dreamscape is the breathtaking combination of music, fire, and imagination. Our story is told by cabaret/rock sounds of Bride Stripped Bare and the seamlessly integrated electronic mixes of Intercom. Detroit Fire Guild's neo-cabaret performances will bring your dreams to life.


Combining the breathtaking effects of music, fire and imagination, Dreamscape is a cerebral experience reminiscent of a dream. It is the amalgamation of the intensity that you get from a rock show, the excitement you feel at a dance party, and the immersive atmosphere you sense at a circus. Our story is told by the music of Bride Stripped Bare and the seamlessly integrated electronic sounds of Intercom. Dreamscape inspires the audience with Detroit Fire Guild's multiple talents, including fire arts, suspended aerial, acrobatic balance, elaborate costumes, and burlesque. At the end of the night, we will have created a transformative event, not just a show.

Bride Stripped Bare (BSB)
BSB hails from Hamtramck, MI as a unique musical group whose cabaret/punk style has perplexed and impressed audiences in the Metro Detroit area. Combining their elaborate vaudevillian costuming and their faculty for musical performance, Bride Stripped Bare is sure to awaken the most dormant windings of its listener’s intellect and emotions.

DJ Intercom
Having roots in both production and live performance in all forms of music, DJ Intercom is a unique mesh of intense dance soundscapes. He implements the sensibility of a match-up DJ while maintaining a cohesive flow drawing from genres such as breaks, electro house, dubstep, hip hop.

Detroit Fire Guild (DFG)
Voted “Best Novelty Performance Troupe” of 2010 – Real Detroit
The DFG is a collective of independent fire and circus performers, artists, and enthusiasts working together to create safe, professional, and breathtaking events while benefiting local artists and the community at large. All fire performers are insured with Specialty Insurance Co. Performers of the US.


Bride Stripped Bare E.P "Katabasis"
1. Purified Water
2. Masquerade
3. Hey, Angels
4. Heal Me Slowly

Set List

Services Available
Venue Show (3 hours)
With decorative art, music, and breathtaking performances we will transform your venue into a space comparable only to the elusive dimensions of a dream. The venue show includes interactive roaming characters, DJ Intercom, a choreographed stage show (including fire performance, burlesque, acrobatics and more), live performances by BSB, sideshow shenanigans, and a local band from your area that projects the desired theme. Our intention is to leave your patrons wondering, what just happened?

Stage Show (1 hour):
Condensing the best of the Venue Show, we provide an intense performance that will fire up any crowd.

Roaming Performances (hourly)
Roaming and elaborately costumed characters will interact with your patrons, performing jaw dropping sideshow acts up close and personal. We create an atmosphere specifically tailored to your event or venue’s needs.