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"Do You Know Jack About Canada?: December 8, 2011"

Cowtown I have always found Calgary to be quite a fascinating place. First of all, they have a pointless tower downtown, a saddle-shaped hockey rink, a shopping mall named after a fish, and a hell of a lot of oil. They are also the home of Dreams of Reason. Another great “balls to the wall” rock n’ roll act. They have just enough heaviness to keep the guys satisfied while also featuring catchy hooks with a radio friendly vibe. They also keep things interesting with their choice of scales... They have that “eastern sound” in the tune “Show You Need.” Hit 'em up and give these boys some listens! - Sign Me To Roadrunner Records

"Blank-Fest for people who need to give"

...Dreams of Reason, whose set is scheduled for around 9 p.m., fall somewhere in the middle, with a mainstream modern rock sound that’s more on the polished and melodic side of the hard rock spectrum. Their recently released album Radically Poetic earns them comparisons to such contemporaries as Default as well as ’90s acts such as Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam...
- Calgary Herald - Written by Mike Bell

"Jimmy Page Would be Proud"

Jimmy Page would be proud.

For those who may have forgotten, he was not simply the heroin-addled Cromwell-obsessed lead guitarist of the ’70’s rock ‘n roll gods, Led Zeppelin; he was also their creative leader, their producer, the force behind their formation, and preceding that, a successful session musician, appearing uncredited on many pop tracks and in some tours (like Tom Jones’ “Live in Las Vegas”) in the ‘60s.

40 years later, Alex Whitcombe is working on sharing his Dreams of Reason:

"In 2006 we released a 12 song album called 'Slave's Desire' as an independent. We're still indie-ish, but we were given a distribution deal, so instead of pinning it directly to the band, my business partner (Jeff Bikas) and I set up a record label (Blackstream Records) so that if there is no Dreams of Reason at (any) time, we can still promote bands and sign bands, and get the word out there.”
And in the meantime, play a little rock ‘n roll .. . .

"I initially picked up a guitar because I just wanted to get into a punk band: Green Day was huge (laughs); I was 14. So I started doing that and then it was like, 'Okay, there's got to be something more.' I went to a guitar teacher at one point, and I gravitated to Led Zeppelin, and said I wanted to learn how to play like Jimmy Page, and he said 'You've gotta learn Page's influences to play like him.' I had heard my Dad's blues records. So (the teacher) taught me all of the blues artists that influenced Page, instead of showing me a Led Zeppelin song, which ultimately gave me that Jimmy Page vibe I was after.

Really, seeing the Tea Party, . . . really put it to the next level for me. It was something on a completely new level: I'd never seen a band like that, (with that kind of) musicianship, and that really sold me on music and that's why I do what I do today."

Don’t worry, though: they’re skipping the heroin-addled part, which also, as Alex says, “eliminates the 25 minute guitar or drum solos.”

"If you talk to bands from Vancouver (where the band originates), certainly everyone will appreciate a Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath or even a Metallica influence. In mainstream parlance (yes, he said ‘parlance’) we talk about Pearl jam and Stone Temple Pilots because people are more aware of them as radio bands, right?”

And so, with the release of their first CD on a major label in September, Radically Poetic, the obvious question is, how’s it going?

“The reception has been phenomenal: we go out on the road, we sell albums, and merchandise, and people come to the show (6 sold out shows in Calgary so far). I feel there's a strong group of people who crave Real Rock n Roll. It's not sugar-coated. It's a little bit raw and rough around the edges."

THAT sounds like a rock band talking, now!

"There's a mystique about (these influences), too. Look at a band like Zeppelin and they're mysterious: you don't see those hordes of paparazzi and (journalists and groupies) like from the past. There's some of that now, but there's an element of surprise in their music, and a mystery, which is missing from today's culture.. . . . I'm making an attempt to pay homage to that tradition."

Excuse me for being corny, but, with another show at the Blind Beggar Pub on Saturday night, . . .

Rock On.
- The Examiner - Written by Carey Rutherford

"CD Review: Radically Poetic by DREAMS OF REASON"

What really stands out on Radically Poetic is the song-writing. Unlike much of today’s “rock music”, DREAMS OF REASON truly are a rock band that manages to sound new while sticking to tradition. Favouring simple arrangements and very few vocal harmonies, the band throws it all down on the line, delivering a believable performance that is beautiful even during its most crushing moments.” - Musical Maelstrom E-Zine

""If STP Had a Lovechild with Metallica They'd Sound Like These Guys""

"Dreams of Reason is Modern Rock with all the debonair adrenaline thrown in for good measure. If Stone Temple Pilots had a lovechild with Metallica, they’d sound like these guys!"

Siva Chandran

COO of Saintz & Sinnerz
Founder of "Bite My Music Global Awards" (World’s Biggest Indie Music Awards)
- Global Indie Music Awards


Dreams of Reason have a modern meets classic rock with world influence style…I highly recommend that you check them out if you haven’t already. - Graeme McDonald, Radio Personality at CJIM Montreal Rock Radio


Dreams of Reason have a modern meets classic rock with world influence style…I highly recommend that you check them out if you haven’t already. - Graeme McDonald, Radio Personality at CJIM Montreal Rock Radio

"Head Boppin' Straight Ahead Kick Ass Rockers"

" Distorted, grunge-tinged killer guitar, rasp-inflected vocals and a hard-driving, pulse-pounding rhythm section are the hallmarks of Canada’s Dreams of Reason…and the reasons that make their music as enjoyable as it is…reminding me of Creed and Nickelback. I’m not entirely sure why they bear the ‘alternative’ tag because their brand of rock is as straight-ahead and kick-ass as any I’ve heard. They could – and should – be filling arenas full of head-boppin’ fans! "

Ric Levine
Rock Tunz

- Rock Tunz

""Strength and Uniqueness - Perfect for Modern Rock Radio""

"Latest rockers from Canada deliver it hard ! Their sound is raw and full at the same time. Their songwriting is very consistent and production is super tight. One can really appreciate the time that went into every guitar line, not your standard rock riffs! The lead vocalist delivers with precision, strength and uniqueness with a hint of Eddie Vedder. Perfect for any modern rock station."

Tomas "Dr.Octavo" Brabec
- Octavo Productions

"These Guys Will Go FAR!"

"A classic Rock band, full of chunky vocals and driving rhythms - these guy's will go FAR!"
Terry J Hawke
102.3 HF (UK) Broadcaster/ Producer
- Terry J Hawke - 102.3 FM (UK)

"Old School With A Twist!"

Review of Everything Ordinary:

This is a bit of a return to the old school way of writing and playing, but it's really original in the way all the elements come together. This vocalist has a really unique voice. He can wail that's for sure. Anything but ordinary! And the guitars just rock like most people haven't heard in while. The mix is great. If I had to pick a band this group reminds me of it would probably be The Cult, but with a slight hint of a modern hard rock twist. Awesome track.

Reviewed by: LenJennings from Arlington, Texas, USA
- www.garageband.com

"Is This Bon Jovi?"

Review of Everything Ordinary:

A well concieved, perfomed and structured song…Is the singer and the guitarist the same person? Did they write the song together? It’s obvious that they both have a deep connection to this song. The vocal is well sung and the singer’s style fits well with this genre - very confident. I honestly thought this was someone like Bon Jovi or like him, maybe Axle Rose in his mid/late period. It definately has a modern American rock band structure and feel, with a touch of 80's rock.

An excellent song, I would love to buy your album or see you live!

Reviewed by: stef0229 from Kettering, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
- www.garageband.com

"Song Of The Day (review of Everything Ordinary)"

What is it about Canada? There seems to be talent flowing down Mountains in sparkling waterfalls, echoing across prairies with the mantras of Rock Gods , hiding in the forests waiting to pounce on unsuspecting visitors. The music is hotting up those icy winters with thick blankets of enveloping sound. Here is a great example - Read the bands own descript ions [of their music] for something less fanciful - JILLIANNE WRIGHT - April 23rd 2007
- Independent Artists Company

"Hardworking Dreams of Treason"

Coquitlam band Dreams of Treason has hit the Lower Mainland and has already developed a reputation as one of Vancouver’s hardest working alternative hard rock bands. Described as a true creature of the internet generation, the band is known for its live shows

In our series on Music and Video we showcase local talent and, though there will be a tendency to cover Abbotsford and Mission bands, the music scene in the Lower Mainland is a fluid enough thing that we are more interested in talent that geography. This week we feature a Kelowna band that has moved to the Lower Mainland - Dreams of Treason...

Check out the full article at http://www.abbotsfordtoday.ca/?p=3462

- Abbotsford Today

"The Vancouver Band Alliance: Dreams of Treason..."

Dreams of Treason, Dreams of Treason what can i say other than HELL YEAH DREAMS OF TREASon. These dudez thru it down like Guns 'N Roses ‘cept with more rawk. I never heard a guitar sound that angry and beautiful at the same time, definitely sick s***. Killer songs and killer rhythm section that shook the walls man.The singer was like Robert Plant with balls, seriously just downloaded some stuff of theres from myspace with the most killer vox i ever seen. There performance alone was worth the $10...for f's sakes two of the band members were rockin' out on the bar while the drummer and guitarist did their thing on stage. there was a pretty decent pit kickin durig the set and i was rockin out with some old school classic rock dude that nearly cried after one of the songs (Surrender from myspace)... - FAN REVIEW by Cam Hendry @ www.livevictoria.com

"CD REVIEW: Slave's Desire"

That the band hails from Vancouver, Canada is a bit of a surprise as their sound conveys a sense of sophistication missing from the radio rock format popularized by fellow citizens, Nickelback. The quartet is virtually unknown abroad but small pockets of loyal fans sing praise in internet chat rooms and music forums, suggesting that Dreams of Treason is a true creature of the internet generation. As an independent album, Slave’s Desire is a diamond in the rough, showing an unusual sense of character for a debut disc that offers a respectful nod to its influences rather than slavish imitation ala modern hipsters like Wolfmother or Jet.

Things get started quickly with the show stopping “Take Me There”, which careens with fierce intensity from start to finish. Vocalist, Chris Wright’s enormous pipes showcase the sonic union of arena bravado with a cerebral lyrical style that recalls one certain Mr. John Lennon, while guitarist Alex Whitcombe plays with masterful facility, blending big as sin arena rock riffs with the exotic hues of his lead work. Drawing heavily upon eastern influences and psychedelia, the album’s third cut “Surrender” will certainly win over admirers of Radiohead and The Verve. In fact, there is something here for everyone and yet it all seems to fit together into a cohesive collection that is distinctly Dreams of Treason.

“Keep Your Secrets” provides an unexpected shift into darker territory. While the song has enough radio single sugar to appease fans of U2, Wright’s lyrics boast a dark gothic flair that compliment the otherwise 70’s rock sound-scape. Clearly dissatisfied with a lover past or present, Wright purges some serious demons on the album’s sixth song “Everything Ordinary” singing: “Your silence is seasonal though I can't see the end of this December / now I'm tired of believing that you're the answer to my emptiness”. All this is backed stopped by the adept drum work of Adam Todd, while bassist Dave Robinson contributes significantly to the song’s overall melody and brooding feel. Again, the guitar work here is nothing short of world class, with Whitcombe contributing several memorable melodies that reach their zenith in the song’s second guitar solo; clearly a tip of the hat to rock icon Jimmy Page (with specific reference to later era Led Zeppelin).

As the album’s tenth and most radio accessible track, “Jimmy Swagger” is frighteningly powerful and oddly poetic all at once. Each member of the band flexes their respective chops, but its Robinson’s dexterous bass lines and Todd’s drumming that lend both power and danceability to the cut. Wright manages to sound eerily like Doors singer, Jim Morrison as he lambastes televangelism.

The album finale “Just for Now” offers up a gorgeous, dynamic ode to love and loss tailor made for the stadium, while offering insight into what this band is capable of. With ambience so rich you could cut it with a knife, the track rolls from beautiful acoustic passages to heavy electric choruses that could propel this song for an additional minute or two. Somewhere within Slave’s Desire’s two power ballads “Just for Now” and “Everything Ordinary” lays the blueprint for a more ambitious epic.

Be warned that Slave’s Desire is not for the meek, as Dreams of Treason is a band with subject matter and vigor! In fact, the band manages to play with such reckless abandon that one quickly forgets that the song arrangements are fairly predictable, churning along from one anthemic chorus to another. The words can be difficult to decipher at moments, however this in no way detracts from the album’s overall appeal. Wright employs his voice as an additional instrument lending power and depth to several tracks; a style popularized by such luminaries as Tom Yorke (Radiohead) and James Maynard Keenan (Tool).

While the rhythm section is infectious and often times extraordinary throughout the disc, it’s the melodic interplay between Whitcombe and Wright that is the album’s most appealing feature. Whitcombe and Wright may very well be the most potent singer-guitarist combination since Jagger & Richards, drawing upon a diverse wealth of influences that surface frequently throughout Slave’s Desire’s twelve inspired tracks.

http://www.sputnikmusic.com/review_10684 - www.sputnikmusic.com

"These Dreams Are a Reality"

This newcomer’s effort on “Slave’s Desire” will definitely not go unnoticed. For those of us that crave for the feeling that old school rock and roll fed us, you’ll want to put these guys in your shopping cart…A great album that showcases the talent of each of its band members as well as their talent in songwriting, arrangement and execution.
- Rozmopolitan (iTunes Review)


2011 - Radically Poetic (LP)



Dreams of Reason

• DOR has shared the stage with: Korn, Billy Talent, Volbeat, Big Wreck, Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd, State of Shock, Art of Dying and many more!

• “Hunting”, “Hittin’ the Road” and “New Low” have been featured in US TV Show the Ultimate Shot, airing three times a week on the Sportsmen Channel (now available in Canada on Wild TV).

• Check out www.youtube.com/dreamsofreasonmusic for the official “Everything Ordinary” music video

“If Stone Temple Pilots had a lovechild with Metallica, they’d sound like these guys!" - Siva Chandran. Global Music Awards -

Dreams of Reason is a creature of the modern music industry. Built for the stage, the band has developed a reputation for sold out shows, mosh pits and a merchandise hungry fan base that are at odds with their current stature in the Canadian industry.

“I don’t know what it is,” comments frontman Scott Holman, “but every time we take the stage we manage to reach out to our fans on a primal level – it’s electric man. People say we’re bringing rock ‘n roll back. I’m not quite sure that’s true, but it’s becoming apparent that we’re the missing link between Led Zeppelin and Nickelback.”

The band’s recent release, Radically Poetic, features a guest appearance by David “Chili” Moreno on drums, better known for his work with the legendary Iron Maiden singer, Bruce Dickinson. “Working with Chili definitely took our performance to a whole new level. I can see why an iconic singer like Bruce hired him – his work is epic enough to please Dickinson’s heavy metal side, but he brings an elegant Latin flair that really adds a lot of character to his work.” remarks guitarist, Alex Whitcombe. “Believe it or not, our drummer Shand Munro manages to take the album and kick it up a couple notches on the intensity scale. He had huge shoes to fill but he pulled it off – the guy’s a beast!”

Radically Poetic comes from a dark place lyrically, reflecting on personal turmoil that plagued the Calgary, Alberta band during its two year development process. Alex had this to offer: “We were so focused on writing our new album, that we neglected every other aspect of our lives. We lost friends, family and some band brothers along the way. Vocalist, Scott Holman agrees: “It was a dark journey of emotional turmoil, but we survived and are back to melt people’s faces off!”

Recorded in Seattle and Los Angeles with heavy metal production wizard Greg Hampton, the Radically Poetic album is a departure from the band’s previous work, blending modern hard rock elements with classic metal and world influences. “This is some solid work, I’m telling you” comments Hampton. “These boys really pulled it together and I think we were able to take them down sonic avenues that they hadn’t really considered in the past. After two years of solid development we’re not reinventing the wheel, but Dreams of Reason definitely has their own trip and they’ve managed to put a new spin on this brand of rock and roll”.

“The Radically Poetic album is really starting to have an impact out on the scene. We’re beginning to experience that overnight success ten years in the making phenomenon,” muses drummer Shand Munro. “We could’ve played it safe, trying to emulate all the radio rockers out there, but we were influenced by bands that had groove at their core, so naturally we write tunes that you feel rather than recite. Local radio doesn’t really support us, but people come to our shows in droves – they get what we’re doing.”

Bassist, Trevor Landmark agrees. “Radically Poetic can be a hard pill to swallow on the lyrical side. It’s dark man. But despite the hardships we’ve faced, this is still a recklessly fun Dreams of Reason record! We went from playing to barstools to a mass of crazy fans, losing their minds right in front of the stage. The industry might be churning out Justin Bieber records, but there’s a ton of people that crave the power and excitement of balls to the walls rock ‘n roll.”

Radically Poetic was released on September 14, 2011 through Blackstream Records – the band run label with major distribution. Look for the band on the road in 2012!