dreams of violence

dreams of violence


DREAMS OF VIOLENCE are a shoegaze / alternate rock 3 piece hailing from Dublin, Ireland. Fusing fuzzy punk noise with sleepy melodies they write songs about death, break ups, break downs, existential crises, violent dreams and booze filled adventures.


DREAMS OF VIOLENCE is the music project of Hugh Rodgers & Niall Woods. Playing and recording for the past year, their first record is due for release this summer and will be followed by a promotional tour of the U.K. and Ireland.

Influences range from cult movies like Taxi Driver, The Deerhunter, Heat, Donnie Darko and Brick to the music of Sonic Youth, Autolux, Jeniferever, My Bloody Valentine, Queen Adreena, Dinosaur Jr., Serena Maneesh and Smashing Pumpkins. People like Paul Auster, Charles Bukowski, Allen Ginsberg, Francis Bacon, Gregory Crewdson, David Lynch, Kim Deal, Billy Corgan, Christopher Walken, Batman, Prince, Tom Waits. Glamourised movie violence. Awful weather / beautiful weather. Booze / no booze. Bruce Willis. These things, people and music influence their all manner of things.



Our Annual Breakdown - EP
Summer 2009