Organic Timbres, Pop Otherness, Lost 1960's Female Vocalists, Orchestral Manipulations, Impressionistic Piano Overtones, Noir Melodies, & Soundtrack/B-Music from the Past. This is the universe where Dreamsploitation exists.


Dreamsploitation is the moniker for Chuck Blazevic - a 24 year old composer, from Halifax, Nova Scotia. With a monome 256 in hand, Blazevic has been performing live since January 2008.

Dreamsploitation's style is characterized by his affinity for orchestral instrumentation (no synths or midi), detailed overlapping arrangements, obsession with idiomatic 1960's pop arrangers and film composers, and his melancholic yet hopeful vibe - which, no doubt, stems from the latter.

The debut album, 'The Soft Focus Sound of Today', is created from dozens upon dozens of carefully arranged micro-samples from beautiful lost recordings as well as acoustic audio sources from Blazevic's own instrument playing - All of which are heavily manipulated, transposed and re-contextualized into an a blend of soft-psychedelia, b-movie orchestral back drops, dusty drums, and loud quiet sounds. TSFSOT made the 'Top 50 Albums of 2008' list at Textura.org.

January 2009 marked the launch of a digital singles series, offering one digital download for every month in 2009. These new works employ a heavier use of manipulated acoustic instruments, such as acoustic piano and guitar.

"Listening to [Dreamsploitation] is like turning a corner from a street lined with protesters complaining about the destruction of beauty to a brilliant little cul de sac of people consciously creating beautiful, light filled breezy works that reposition a person towards the world as a wonderful place." - Innerversitysound for Cyclic Defrost | Sept 2008.

"Dreamsploitation may be as obscure a name as the plundered materials constituting [the] Soft Focus Sound of Today but, if there's any justice in the world, that won't last long." - Textura.org | Oct 2008..



'Tapered Tempi' - digital single (February 2009)
Available @ Itunes, Amazon, et al.

'Harmonized Chess' - digital single (January 2009)
Available @ Itunes, Amazon, et al.

'The Soft Focus Sound of Today' CD / digital
(From Here to There Records [in Canada]) [Domestic CD Release Date: June 27, 2008 | Online/Digital: Sept 1, 2008]

'The Loud Quiet Sound' CD EP (May 2008).

'Precursor to The Soft Focus Sound of Today'
(Digital Only/Free Promotional EP released February 2008).

Set List

Set consists of one straight ongoing mix (typically around 45 minutes +/- 15 if required) which is created, cut, arranged and mixed on the fly with my instrument, the monome 256.