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Dreamstream pulses with lush down-tempo grooves overflowing with interlaced acoustics and viberant organic beats. Breathing waves of liquid atmospheres and sleek vocal textures caress the mood with subangelic dream pilot grooves flavord with post floydian dreams ...


Flowing from the mountains of Santa Cruz
California with a totaly refreshing sound,
Dreamstream takes you on a bliss filled
journey... With over 30 years of music
fascination to fuel the fire of his passion for
music Robert cowan started playing drums
at 10 yearsold. Then at 15, he took up the
guitar, he also fell in love with the
bass guitar and learned a lot about digital
delay and deep algorhythms. Rob played in
many different kinds of bands like Rock and
Funk. Then one day Rob woke up and
decided to dive into the world of Electronica.
As Rob swims in the world of keyboards,
samplers and loads of Pro Audio, he weaves
together a masterful collection
of bliss filled beats. Rob's musical influences
are Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Gensis,
Dead Can Dance, Yes, Enigma and


Stream Dreams

air play: "Space" KSJS, San Jose

Set List

Not a live act