Dream Team Stars

Dream Team Stars

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For years, six talented young men from Duncanville, Texas have worked to put together a product so unique that it is only right they make it to the top.

Fresh out of highschool, High Rolla Sky, Mook, Mar Star, A.C. TraeMillz, and DJ Trillion Cutz have mixed up a song called Love Potion, currently getting spins on KKDA 104.5 in Dallas. However, it doesn't stop there, with Songs like Midnight Love, Lay You Down, Bang in the Trunk, and Suspicion. For years to come they will still be making tracks that teenage girls will love and their fathers will hate.

Dream Team Stars have every tool needed to make it, talent, personality, persistence, and more. Check out their music, their youtube channel, and you will see stars in the making.


Currently, Love Potion is receiving spins on KKDA in Dallas, TX

Set List

Set is anywhere from 10-40 Minutes Long. Varies upon performance.

Typical set list
Bang in the Trunk
Lay You Down
Love Potion