Hillery WithanE & De Madhatter

Hillery WithanE & De Madhatter


A group of Old School Folks using Today’s Technology! We record music and share the files over the Internet. Sounds simpler than it is.


I have been playing on some sort of keyboard just about all my life. I helped arrange songs for half time shows in high school. There has always been a tune, a melody, a chord progression, or a rhyme in my head. I love R&B, but I do not look forward to the performing. My motto is simply - "Sing my song, send the check".

Now that the newer music has lost more of the "old school sound", I am looking for a niche of people that are like me who miss the obvious messages of "I Love You" or even "He Doesn't Love You", but said in a gentler, kinder manner.


This collection of ideas, some as much as 40 years old, was performed in a studio or in a kitchen. As time goes by, you should hear an increase in quality and in the sound. Please be patient.

Set List

As long as can you listen.