DreamzWurk Ent.

DreamzWurk Ent.

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA
BandHip HopPop

Brand New Label Started Feb 2009. We love what what do and thats making good muisc. We here to do our thing if you like what you hear get at us we are ready to perform and love doing live acts.


DreamzWurk is an Entertaiment group that Mrz. Dreamz and Yung Wurk have come together to start up with the help of a few other people. Music is our passion we love to perform and get our swag on, LOL! have artist who sing, rap, dance, draw, photo's, etc. Even trying to have sercurity, we we are going to have all area's covered. Willing to Wurk with other artist only serious inquiries. Gonna build this here from the ground up. We here to do our thing either roll with it or get rolled over! Were gonna GO HARD regardless. check out the tracks add them to you your page support the movement! We here now...so deal with us! LOL


Young Man- Young Tana ft. Yung Wurk and Mrs. Dreamz, Thats My Nigga- Yung Wurk ft. Mrs. Dreamz, Get Money- Yung Wurk ft Mrs. Dreamz, Drop it to the Floor - Yung Wurk, Walk that Walk Wurk Mix - Yung Wurk, Much More and yet more to come!

Set List

20 minutes