Dre Black, Tony Nu

Dre Black, Tony Nu

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Dre Black, singer, songwriter, designer, and student of the arts. With his infectious, laid back vintage style, Dre Black is predestined for success. Like most contemporary R & B singers, Dre grew up singing in the churches of Washington, DC where Dre was born and raised. Elders of the church adored his bright smile and love for the Lord. At 14, Dre extended his musical talent by attending Duke Ellington School of Arts. At Duke Ellington, Dre became a more diverse student that evolved into a highly gifted artist who loved his craft. He involved himself in a host of fashion and variety shows, which included vocal performances and choreography. Dre’s love for music and dance caused him to switch his focus as a vocal major to a dance major. The art of dance came natural to Dre; he was the family’s entertainer as a young boy emulating everyone from Michael Jackson to MC Hammer. As Dre matured into a young man so did his ability to write and produce melodies. With songs like “Analyze This” and “Everyday”, Dre emphasizes his social awareness with a street appeal that hard knocks can and will definitely understand. Unlike other R & B and Rap sensations, Dre is on a clear path of becoming one of the many persons that fits the positive profile that our new generation will come to idolize. His image in becoming one of the many influential voices with a message will hopefully one day wake people up, who may be in the dark.
In 2001, Dre graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, with a degree in Fashion Management. He also made his directorial debut as a designer and fashion stylist when he presented his show “In Your Face! Fashion Takes on Hip-Hop” in Washington, DC. With his down to earth personality, sleek style and renaissance image, Dre surely will make major waves in the music and fashion industries.
(202)635-3454 (home) 202)486-4523 (cell)


Analyze THIS, WPGC 95.5, Washington, DC
Best of Me, X/M Satelitte Radio, Worldwide

Set List

Best of Me
Analyze This
Ghetto After Life
Life Flows On
Watch your Back
Hold Crowns
Fuck it...
20 minutes a set, 2 sets included w/ 15 minute intermission.