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The best kept secret in music


"United Nations"

"To her work, whether in drag or otherwise, MilDréd brings a sophisticated understanding and insight into issues or race, gender, ethnicity and using the medium of theatre and dance to break boundaries. I have often brought activists from developing countries (with whom I work at the U.N.) to her performances when they visit New York . They are unfailingly fascinated and elated by her performance..."- Ilana Lansberg-Lewis, (CEDAW Advisor of United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) - UNIFEM

"Kate Bornstein"

"Performance Art has been lying somewhat dormant since the mid-90's, but now thank goodness it's being revived by the art-as-life/life-as-art gender-warping, heart-breaking, toe-tapping, libido-zinging work of Dréd. Dréd is poetry in motion, sexual energy incarnate, and paradox in person. Ze is the front line of the new wave of performance art, and hir work demands to be seen." Kate Bornstein, author & performance artist - Performance Artist

"Pratibha Parmar"

"Dréd is sexy, charismatic and incredibly talented. Watch her perform on stage and be exhilarated." - Pratibha Parmar, filmmaker of "Warrior Marks", "A Place of Rage", and "The Righteous Babes" - Filmmaker

"Staging Activism"

"Her sophisticated blend of styles raised the bar of expectation and anticipation for drag king performances.." - Staging Activism - Staging Activism

"McLaughlin High School"

"A real awakening for students who never learned to love themselves..." - McLaughlin High School - McLaughlin High School

"Diva Magazine"

"...the amazingly talented New York drag king...Dréd took us on a musical tour of the past three decades, complete with fabulous costume changes." - London, England

"Village Voice"

Dréd...is in a league all her own. She chooses from a diverse bunch of African-American masculinities, from a superfly Isaac Hayes to a badass rapper to the andro king himself, The Artist (Prince). Her performances are sharp, thoughtful, and sexy. When drag kings are good, they're very good." - Tristan Taormino

"Karla Jay, PhD"

"MilDréd/Dréd parodies a number of male stereotypes within the Black Community. Her choices are risky and perceptive, critical and witty. Her act is mesmerizing." - Author and Professor

"In-shows - Performance Art Reviews"

"Drag King Dréd started the act as a sexy young man in black formal wear and vogued his way into a totally awesome '70's superfly look, big afro and all.
Eventually Dréd pulled an apple from his crotch and ate it. The apple symbolism was both obvious and fabulous. He then showed that she is as much of a hot woman as a hot man, by stripping down into a sexy lady character.
Altogether an impressive display of cross gender play." - In-shows - Performance Art Reviews

"Judith Halberstam,"

"...Dréd represents the fluid boundaries between the many drag king performances. I include her in my section on Denaturalized Masculinity because she combines appropriation, critique and alternative masculinity in
her presentation.." - Author of Female masculinity and The Drag King Book


Still working on that hot first release.



Back by popular demand!!! Dred brings back her one woMan show : "D.R.E.D. Daring Reality Every Day!!!"

Dred is one of the most sought after artists for LGBTQQIA, Black History, and Women's History Month events. Through her performances she draws attention to how society domesticates us into our preconceived notions of sexuality, race, and gender. Her life, humanity, and spirituality, brings us a bit closer to recognizing and unlearning constraints, prejudices and stereotypes.

She's received non-stop raves at numerous events, from campuses including Yale, Penn State, Vassar, MIT, NYU, and Smith College; theaters such as NYC’s P.S. 122 and Harlem Theater Company, and conferences such as Creating Change and True Colors. Dred has performed internationally including, Korea , Australia , Croatia , Austria , Switzerland , Germany , and Brazil

The smooth-headed, internationally known Haitian-American, multi-spirited performance-artist, and gender-illusioning woman, Dred has been seen on HBO, MTV, Oxygen and one of the stars of the award-winning film "Venus Boyz" ( www.venusboyz.net ). DRED's has also sung a Haitian hymn for Steven Spielberg's "Terminal."

Using theatre, dance, humor, and cultural history, Dred plays with gender roles and social/racial stereotypes to inspire all audiences to think about race, gender, identites. Her shows are not just about imitating the "opposite" sex, they are about freedom of self-expression and crossing/breaking boundaries. She inspires people to honor and accept the differences in their selves, and each other.

Dred's performance has been written about in books including The Drag King Book and Female Masculinity, and also has been published in the anthology Cast Out: Queer Lives in Theater.

Dred offers:
1. One woMan show
2. "Venus Boyz" screening with Q and A