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DredKnox is a rap group in the 7th Platoon Entertainment Family. Hardcore, Hip-Hop beats accompany deep, heartfelt lyrics. Wherever they go, DredKnox is always hype enough to liven the crowd and real enough to relate to their lives


As an ex-gang member, Roberto I. Torres, Top Rank, is determined to use the boldness and courage he once used to hurt others in a positive way. As the founder of 7th Platoon Entertainment, he has succeeded as a rapper, producer and songwriter. He formed the rap group DredKnox and has opened the company up to other genres of music, such as R & B and Gospel. He created the Beat Council, 7th Platoon’s production team, which specializes in production and songwriting. Beat Council has found it’s uniqueness in walking each artist through the creation of their project by providing support in the areas of production, conceptualization, songwriting and studio arrangement. As part of the company’s philanthropy, Torres encourages each member of the company to mentor youth that have the potential to develop into successful artists.

Nakia D. Hood, Sho’Nuff, is a North Carolina transplant that has brought his Southern roots to the Midwest music scene. As a rapper he has broken the mold of the stereotypical Southern sound. He is able to follow the trend in rap as well as set the bar above the trend. He describes himself as “more well-rounded than what you hear on the radio.” Hood is currently the manager of Beat Council and in charge of initiating meetings with artists and following up on each individual project. His community activism uses music as a base to attract kids to positive activities; such as fine arts, skateboarding, sound engineering, rapping and comedy; which allow them to interact with each other in a way they would not otherwise.

Delvyn Crawford, Street Life, retains the Chicago style of rapping that he first heard during childhood. His name really says it all, he grew up in women’s shelters due to the broken relationship his parents had. As an adult, he takes an artistic approach to articulating his experiences growing up on the streets. With a natural ability for storytelling, he is able to create songs that tell about everything from poverty to the love between a man and a woman. However, this does not withhold him from bringing lyrics that are entertaining and upbeat. A true performer, he stands out in live performances and holds the attention of every crowd he performs in front of. Crawford is also involved in Beat Council as a producer and songwriter.