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Dre-DZ is the future of commercial/crossover party Hip-Hop music. Hailing from Brentford,Cali and creating a incredible buzz on the East and West indie scene.


Dre-DZ is a unique Hip-Hop Artist with intentions of taking over the party club scene. His new style of slang and words are the hottest sayings in party music. Dre-DZ is the most influencing and Up rising indie star to emerge. The style and skills he obtains is ear catchey and most out spoken. He joined "Drop-Zone"and Zone Platinum Entertainment(The Bronx,N.Y.C. based label), currently Dre-DZ has domonated the internet indie music charts.


"Drop-Zone"The Final Destination Album Part 1-Winter 2004
Drop-Zone & D.J. Fully Pledge ..."The Summer Blast Mix Tape " Volume 2-Summer 2004

Set List

Dre-DZ is working on his up coming shows along the East and West Coast.