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"Neo Soul For Your Soul"

BY KEISHA LOUIS The Motor City has birthed many great Gospel musicians, including Fred Hammond, Marvin Sapp, Commissioned, The Winans Family, Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, and The Clark Sisters to name a few. Well, Contemporary Gospel music listeners can add D. Reed (born David Reed) to the list. Fans know D. Reed for his neo-soul, Urban Gospel vibe and a voice like butta. I was just introduced to his music, and I agree: it's plain to see God has gifted him with a way to minister through music. This Contemporary Gospel musician was born and raised in Detroit, MI as a part of a musical family. He has been singing since his early childhood, and he began playing piano at the age of nine. Because of his musical background, D. Reed says that always knew he would have a musical career. In a recent interview with me, he humbly describes how he knew being a musician was his calling. He said, "I couldn't run from it. I don't really like being out front and can barely stand the sound of my voice recorded. But God kept leading me to it. Hearing the way people have responded to a record that I recorded at home and mixed and mastered myself has confirmed beyond all doubt that this is part of my ministry." He went on to share an example of a time he was reluctant to perform, "I can think of a particular event where I was asked to come and perform in a club. I didn't really want to go but, after speaking with my mom, I was encouraged to go where the fish are. I sang in front of a noticeably non-saved audience and saw that the songs reached them. That let me know that this thing [music] is an effective tool to reach folk who don't wanna hear 'Jesus on the Main Line'". His faith and these types of experiences are what keeps him going. They keep him charged up and ready to share the Gospel through music. As a 28 year old minister, he has done a lot in his short lifetime. Like many talented musicians, he is an experienced performer who sang in the church and school choirs throughout his formative years. He began playing for the church choir and ministering at the age of twelve, when he "really understood what knowing Jesus was all about". In 2006, he released his debut album "Relativity" on the Klosenitt Enterprises record label. It was the result of ten years of hard work, and it showcases his passion for God and for music. In addition to releasing this breakthrough CD, he has also collaborated and produced music with the likes of Chico DeBarge, Mark Holley & 1-A-Chord, JP & Seasons, Dana Davis, Billy Meadows, and Jay Michaels. This man has a lot going on. Currently, he is really busy working on many projects. He states, "I have actually had the privilege of meeting and working with some wonderful Christian artists across all genres. I am currently collaborating with T-Won 'the Gospel Godfatha' on his upcoming solo project. I have also collaborated with Octavia Harris on her project '4 The Children' and recently collaborated with Laquisha Hankens on her upcoming project. Those are all very hot Holy Hip Hop artists." Because he has worked with so many talented people, I began to wonder who had been his greatest influences. Who inspired him? Although he said that he could not pinpoint one particular person, he did say, "Growing up, my mother and aunts sang in a quartet group together, and I guess that could be considered a big influence." He also mentioned that listening to legends like the Hawkins Singers, Rance Allen and Shirley Cesar helped shape him. He also listens to contemporaries like, Kirk Franklin, Kiki Sheard, Nu Day, Norman Hutchinson, and his friend Erik Anglin. Those are the some of the people who inspire him, but how does he want to inspire others? What does he hope they will get from his music? When I asked him about it, he replied, "I pray that people will receive my heart because what comes from the heart reaches the heart. Also, I want people to understand that young people feel and appreciate the music they love and also that we have something to offer as well. I see my music as a happy marriage of different genres as well as different generations." All in all, it's easy to tell his heart holds the love of Christ, and he says, "Simply put, without Christ I am nothing." He also mentions that connecting with other people is important: "[Hearing] someone say that my music has spoken to their particular situation, or that a sermon has truly inspired them, is what encourages me when I'm down." If you want to be inspired too, make sure you catch him live in concert - AsociatedContent.com


Relativity 2006. Fly Away (Relativity) is currently being played on live air radio in London, UK



D. Reed is a 28 year old minister from Detroit, MI. He has been singing since his early childhood and began playing piano at the age of nine. Coming from a musical family, D. Reed always knew he would have a musical career to be a singer, songwriter or producer. D. Reed knew he had to fulfill his musical dream. D. Reed is an experienced performer who sang in the church and school choirs throughout his formative years. He began playing for the church choir at the age of twelve. As a producer he’s contributed his musical talents with gospel artist Mark Holley, 1-A-Chord, and R&B artist Jay Michaelz. He has also produced with musicians such as Chico Debarge, Dana Davis, and Billy Meadows. D. Reed's debut album “Relativity” is the result of ten years of hard work. It is a blend of Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B, Neo Soul, Traditional as well as Contemporary Gospel music. His passion for God and music is present and evident in this project. He has set out to change music to better enlighten people through the word of God. D. Reed’s work to date along with his debut is just the beginning. Prepare your soul for powerful good music with touching lyric’s and a heartfelt presentation.