Dreign da Majestic

Dreign da Majestic

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Rapper singer/songwriter signed to Terminal 3 Productions. Born D'Andre Cortez Hickman on November 19,1988 in Kansas City KS.I moved to Tennessee when i was about 6 or 7 years old.I ended up in Fort Pierce,Fl.I took an interest in music at age 10.I started writing songs and poems at age 11 cuz liked singing.Soon after i started writing raps.Music is my way of expressing myself.You can tell how i feel at the time by what I write at the time. My rap name "Dreign" is my nickname "Dre" combined with "reign". Reign means for a king/queen to conquer,overcome, or takeover.I have overcome so many obstacles and plan on over coming more. This the beginning of a new reign. I am takin over. I describe my music as clubbangers,4/20 friendly, inspirational, vibe music.You never know what I will come up with next.I write about my experiences in life as well as other people's experiences.There is no limit for my topics.I've always been creative with my writing.Metaphors are almost a necessity in my music.I'm here to take over.I'm going down in history.IT'S MY TIME!


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