Toronto, Ontario, CAN

pop, jazz, dance, country, rock'n'roll, latino, comedy, classical - mysterious or humorous, relaxing or upbeat; lyrics that have philosophy and music audiences remember after hearing it for the first time!


Drellander was born Tatevik Sarkisyan from Armenian parents in Moscow. She began her musical journey at the age of 6 as a choir lead and piano performer at school concerts. 

She came to Canada at the age of 16 and became known in the Montreal local community for performing a classical repertoire in 8 languages. At 19 she developed a passion for song-writing and presented to a small audience her first musical composition "Time". The singer/songwriter/producer now has more than 170 written songs behind her in a variety of styles. 

Tatevik has received great reviews for her work including praise from tenor and McGill voice coach Franco Tenelli who says: "One of Tatevik's greatest gifts is a beautiful voice that can be used in almost any style of music including classical and pop. In addition she is also a composer and excellent songwriter. This versatility is a unique gift itself and ensures us we have a real talent."

At 24 Tatevik moved to Toronto and took on the artist name "Drellander". In 2004 Tatevik collaborated with writer/film director Robert Wilson on a short film A Dying Fall that aired on CBC in July 2006 and won first place at WorldFest Houston. Tateviks multiple credits for this film include art direction, craft services, make-up and wardrobe, contract management as well as playing a small part in the movie. Tatevik and Robert worked on a few production projects since then.

In 2011 she recorded her song Oasis with indie music producer/sound engineer and Indie Week judge Dave Thomson and released it on iTunes and Amazon via CD Baby. She also produced a music video for the song (directed and edited by Robert Wilson) that is now available on YouTube. 

Tatevik launched Drellander Productions in 2012 to produce songs and music videos for herself and other artists. She secured a non-exclusive worldwide publishing deal for her songs with the Canadian publisher Jan Cooper Publishing after Jan Cooper represented her at Midem 2012 in Cannes. In the same year she had a performance at the prestigious Mod Club in Toronto organized by Landmark Media. Her song Oasis was promoted with a 2 week radio blast in Canada and US by Avala DSF (currently under Five2Eight umbrella). In February 2013 she was approached and signed with A & R Select to promote her music on radio, in magazines,TV shows, films and commercials in the US. The week of Aug 12, 2013 "Oasis" had spins on CBC Radio, one of Canada's largest radio stations with national coverage. It played on the CBC Radio programs "Mainstreet" (P.E.I.) and "The Bridge" (Windsor, Ontario). 

Oasis is the first single from Drellander's much anticipated debut album. As A & R Select said in their press release: " Oasis is a metaphor for finding true love. Its message is inspiring, hopeful and creates a deep connection due to its relatable subject matter. This single has an arrangement of that of a movie soundtrack. It incorporates the depth of her skills, the passion of her writing, the beauty of her voice and has a mesmerizing effect on anyone who has the privilege to experience her music."

In addition to being trained in music and having collaborated with some of the greatest classical voice/piano/composition teachers and performers such as Tamara Goulina (U of T), Eduardo del Campo (McGill, San Francisco Opera), Franco Tenelli (McGill, Metropolitan Opera), Vania Angelova (University of Montreal), Alexandre Solopov (McGill) and Nina Larionova Shishlova (Bolshoi Theatre), Tatevik has also studied science at McGill University and is a graduate of Touro College business school. Since 2011 she has also been teaching piano and voice to children and young adults. Her 17 year old piano and voice student Ella Delayne has started recording last year!

Tatevik collaborates with other artists. She co-wrote a ballad with producer/sound engineer Sean Michael Paddison called "I love you anyway". Drellander also plans to record 3 of her original songs: a pop/classical duet “I can see a lifetime” with renown opera singer Franco Tenelli, a dance hit “Let the rain fall” with Montreal based producer/sound engineer Michael Makhin and a dance track called "A New Beginning" with hip hop artist Jae Legit. The song will be performed at Be Scene magazine launch in July! It's Drellander's second performance for Be Scene. Tatevik and her student Ella Delayne performed for Be Scene in February 2016. Tatevik also collaborated with producer/songwriter/manager Peter Linseman on a grant demo for her song "So in love" and has been performing at private venues. This summer she will be recording 3 of her jazz songs with producer/sound engineer Jeremy Darby.

Tatevik plans to enter CBC's Searchlight competition again next year with a song that gets most Facebook votes amongst her fans!


Oasis, a pop ballad

Let the rain fall, album, approximate release date June 2018

Set List

Piano or keyboard for solo performances

Piano, guitars, drums, horns, strings for band performances