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"Liam Thomson/UK/USA"

Dremana – ‘S/T’

1. Mandarin Martini
2. Truth
3. The Way I Want You
4. Choke Hold
5. Headcase (Krystine)
6. Orgazmic
7. Why
8. If I Was God
9. Monkey Shrine
10. Roach Coach
11. Itti Bitti
12. Timeless Precious
13. Another Day

Dremana is a six piece rock band in possession of such an intriguing array of styles not to mention a sound all of their own. Their self titled release, created by songwriter Grace Sharington and Russian-born composer/producer Spam is an atmospheric and delicious collection of intricate but ultimately beautiful and entertaining songs. This kind of professionalism is backed up by their complete self sufficiency following moves to encapsulate everything they needed to create the Dremana experience; i.e. studios, CD/DVD duplication & web design - placing it all under one roof.
The record opens with a catchy yet layered R&B flavoured pop/rock track with cheeky guitars, strong bass lines and sampling. However the chorus is a powerful slice of edgy rock and makes the sumptuous verses all the more fascinating as they swirl with samples, flute and orchestral qualities. ‘Truth’ feels like a slice of female fronted industrial rock and simplifies things just a tad – that said the beautiful Eastern flavoured Citar style post chorus builds upon the artist’s obviously successful search for their own identity - that allows Dremana to be powerful, effervescent and quirky all at the same time.
This is most noticeable in; ‘Choke Hold’ with the oddball sampling that litters the verses, accenting and contrasting with the gorgeous, attitude riddled female vocals. If you can imagine a video game soundtrack crossed with an experimental rock band; you may have some idea of the marvelous style. However, just to make sure things stay rooted firmly to the ground - The album is chock full of full throttle, yet well placed rock guitars and even the odd breakdown/solo. That said when the band can mix it up stylistically they will – with the country influenced, highly catchy build ups of; ‘Headcase’ or the operatic, slow burning vocal led track; ‘Orgazmic’.
It is hard to pick out a manageable collection of influences from this record as the vocals switch from angelic to anarchistic sex bomb within a single track. The moving, thickly layered; ‘Why?’ deals with the loss of a loved one with lines like; ‘Now he is an Angel, and I wanna know why…’ They also possess a rhythm section that is highly accomplished at adding weight and build ups yet can drive a soft rock song beautifully. The band happily cross over into some dance/electronica influences with songs like the disjointed; ‘If I Was God’ and the quite frankly bizarre yet addictive pulsing rock of; ‘Roach Coach’ that gives the listener a pessimistic pep talk with lines like; ‘There is always someone more beautiful, there is always someone more talented, so quit your bitching and just do what you do’.
Dremana have produced one hell of an impressive record that only gets more fascinating the more listens you give it. The songs are complicated, intense anthems filled with beauty, attitude and soaring power. A couple, such as; ‘Itti Bitti’ and in some instances the muddy ‘Another Day’ fail to hit the mark – but in the wake of such creative tracks this isn’t surprising. The deep atmospherics, quirky feel to the music and sampling give this record extreme individuality and thus allow it to offer a wide appeal to many different listeners. I would highly recommend going to their website and giving some of their music a listen – this is addictive molten honey filled laced with electric blue razor blades and you have to stick your hand in the jar.
Standout Tracks: ‘Mandarin Martini’, ‘Truth’, ‘Choke Hold’, ‘Orgazmic’ & ‘Roach Coach’.

-Liam Thomson

Added: June 21st 2004
Reviewer: Liam Thomson
Score: 4 1/2 stars out of 5
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- State of Emergency

"SOAK Magazine"

Dremana is the hot Chicago band - hip and unique sound. Blending elements of rock, pop, hip-hop, and dance, Dremana's music is dangerously addictive ear candy. It's impossible not to tap to the beat. Comparisons: No Doubt, Pretenders.

-Rich Markese, SOAK Magazine - SOAK Magazine

"Archive Review: CHICAGO GIGS"

Live at the Rock House Cafe
April 20, 2002

By Joseph Filipak

By blending the sounds of Missing Persons and No Doubt into a highbred mix of techno-pop, Dremana stands at the crossroads of pop music past and present. The band consists of Grace Sharington (lead vocals), Spam (guitar), Karl Jetler (guitar), Jon Stark (bass), ZigZag (drums), and Jamie Principle (G4&vocals). Doing a live review is different than doing a CD review because a show is just one night, and a CD is forever! But on this night, Dremana put on one hell of a show, although I do have a bit of a quibble (you can blame that on my star sign). With the influences that Dremana has, one would think that the band would be more active on stage, but more or less it’s left up to Grace Sharington to put on the show.

So what is Grace Sharington like on stage? Well, she is somewhat like an Asian animated character; (there are some great Asian animated video’s check them out!). Her movements are free when she is flying, but unpredictable when standing still, she seems to move in the moment, the lyrics are the subtitle and Grace acts out the parts. This, by the way, is very cool! The band on the other hand is somewhat motionless, but with that said they do pull off the CD with out a hitch. This is no small feat, considering the CD for the most part was programmed. I do want to touch on the CD for a moment, I made the Missing Persons and No Doubt connection, but I do have to say that Dremana has their own sound and you would never confuse them with either band.

Live, much like the CD, songs such as "Monkey Shrine" and "If I Was God" stand out, but the song "Mandarin Martini", the last on the CD, is with out a doubt the single. Dremana live and on CD have a sound that few have, and like it or not Dremana is going to be a band to be reckoned with, and one that people are going to be talking about!

Live, much like the CD, I can’t help but to recommend the band, but this is up to you. If you like tecno-pop with a rock edge, then find your way to the next Dremana show, you‘ll be glad that you did! Grace will entertain and the band will play flawlessly, and much like I did, you may find yourself caught up in their pop melodies. Few bands, if any, in Chicago are similar in style to Dremana, which gives them an opportunity to capture a fan base. What they do with this opportunity is up to them. For me, as much as I like what they’re doing now, I can’t help but to wonder what Dremana is going to be a year from now.

And just for the record, Grace Sharington has my vote for the next animated super hero fem-fetal! Yes she is that cool, and so is the band! Again recommend, but only if you want have some fun - techno-pop style!

- ChicagoGigs.Com


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DREMANA RADIO coming in July 2007! Hear music, interviews, live recordings, demos... 24 hours a day.

DREMANA's debut CD: APRIL 2003 / AEMMP records
AUGUST 2004 / self-released

Big Fish Little Fish Vol. 2
compilation CD containing DREMANA's song, "Mandarin Martini."
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Safe In Sound
compilation CD containing Dremana's
"Mandarin Martini" and "Orgazmic"
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DREMANA was created in 2000 by songwriter Grace Sharington and Russian-born composer/producer Spam. The duo laid the foundation for DREMANA by writing and recording 11 songs in the studio they built together. Sharington and Spam wanted everything DREMANA to be under one roof. Today, DREMANA Inc. includes a recording studio, production company, CD/DVD manufacturing, web design/hosting, and anything else a band needs to be self reliant. In December 2004, the band held TWO positions on XM RADIO’S “TOP 20 MOST PLAYED UNSIGNED BANDS.” DREMANA”S do-it-yourself approach is working.
While constructing the business end of DREMANA, they also began the process of assembling a full band for future writing, recording and performing. Karl Geckler, internationally accomplished sculptor and composer in his own right, soon joined DREMANA as a second guitarist. Jamie Principle (aka Gypsi), one of the nation’s premiere house music artist/producers, currently experiencing success with a resurgence of his song with Frankie Knuckles, “Bac N Da Day” (Billboard Magazine Dance Chart NUMBER ONE July 2004) was added shortly thereafter to perform programming and vocals. Bassist Jason Habbley, formerly of Chicago funk band D-Funct and drummer Ziggy from Mississippi metal band Minor Chord, rounded out the line-up and solidified DREMANA as a strong musical force in both the studio and live setting. DREMANA is also known for their network of revolving guest musicians including their latest experimentation with Leah Beabout, a female rapper from Brooklyn dubbed "Feminem" by Spin Magazine (April 2002). Although Sharington's past includes numerous national print and commercial dealings in modeling, she has also worked as a songwriter for Nash Publishing/Los Angeles and a handful of noted international record labels. Her resume includes writing for artists such as The Scorpions, Gillette and Maximillion. "Hacker Rock" is how they describe their sound (a term of their own invention) but it would suffice to say that DREMANA is a kind of punched-up, edgy, pop band that, in addition to the traditional drum/guitar/bass lineup, uses programming arrangements reminiscent of a rock opera. The Chicago-based sextet has captured this unique sound on their self titled debut CD "DREMANA" which has been described as "dangerously addictive ear candy" by Soak Magazine and "A mini-orchestra" by Chicago Tribune. The fusion helped the band develop a loyal fan base and ultimately attracted the attention of Columbia College’s AEMMP Records, the label that released "DREMANA" in April 2003. DREMANA, now self-managed, released EP (August 2004) “Aroundsomanycornersnowlookwhatwevebecome." Spam and Sharington moved to Austin, Texas in 2006 and are currently recording the new DREMANA CD to be released in 2007. Continuing to do-it-themselves - they've purchased a house to convert into the new recording studio and duplication business. Although DREMANA has evolved into a duo, when the CD is completed, they plan to invite guest musicians to perform live shows with Spam and Sharington .

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