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est.1993| Societys Flyest UnSigned Recording Artist/SongWriter/Entertainer.
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he name Dre McFly will leave a resolute mark on the New York rap game upon this summer’s release of “L.I.R.R”. On June 15th 2011 the streets will be covered with Dre McFly. This project is just the start of young rapper Dre McFly born to us as Andre Clayton on March 9th 1993. Dre McFly often just called "Daquan" by those close to him, from Long Island City , New York’s own has the signature New York verbal sling bringing back to the forefront the New York rap sound. Word master and lyricists Dre McFly started writing poetry as a form of expression and a reaction to life through there eyes. Reminiscing, He never thought that writing poetry would turn into him one day writing and performing and recording albums. Although spending most of his time chasing females and playing sports he always loved music.

Developing an ear for music was natural to Dre McFly growing up in a home that had music playing from sun up to sun down. In that music environment it was destiny that some day music would be a vital part of Dre McFly’s life. It was at the age of 14 they and his childhood friends joined together and shared there passion and dedication for music. At this point Dre McFly dominated the studio and his true sound became notable on many soundtracks, and many mix tapes like the Fly Or Get Flew Over, Me My Kickz And I, and Stars & Music Notes plus more to date. Dre McFly through the love of writing co-wrote many tracks on various artist albums in Rap and R&B genre. Becoming so versatile has paid off through creating an impressive fan base.

Dre is excited about the response from people that hear his music. He says “Somebody Told Me The Sky Is The Limit ' But I Want My Footsteps On The Moon” The L.I.R.R mixtape styled CD is already long awaited solo debut. The 20 track musical suite is filled with the a little something for every type of rap enthusiast. Featuring club banger tracks like “I Cop It All” and something for the Chick’s like “Across The Room”