Dre Moe

Dre Moe

 Richmond, California, USA
BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

I am a 26yr old hip hop artist who has written/recorded over 400 songs!
I am a great performer & as well as an artist. I've done over 75 performances & have a variety of styles! My versatility is one of the best that I've encountered.


My name is D'Andre, but my stage name is Dre Moe.
I am A 26yr old artist who enjoy almost ALL genres, but create rap/hip hop/r&b. I have been writing music for over ten(10) years. My first time in a recording studio was in 2004, & since then, I've been unstoppable at creating music for TRUE listeners! I can make a song about pretty much ANY TOPIC. So far, I haven't been denied by ANYONE who has heard my music. I've been through a huge amount of pain, struggle, scrutiny, as well as legal problems. I've managed to overcome them ALL, & I am proud of myself.
I believe that music is my "calling"! Since I reached that conclusion, I've put aside a LOT of things to focus on creating & molding my own style & image.
I am most influenced by Eminem: His approach was unique, but attractive! He's dealt with everything from racial disapproval, to judge mental critics of whom he's surpassed w/o giving up! In my opinion, I believe he's one of the GREATEST/ STRONGEST lyricists alive today!

I believe that what sets me apart from most artists is the ability to focus on a specific topic throughout a single song, as well as touching so many topics through my life experience, and put them in a word form that attracts attention!