Akron, Ohio, USA

Drenalin is a culmination of agressive and progressive hard rock with a strong focus on melody, lyric and harmony, combined with a diverse and visually-stimulating stage presence that keeps people coming back for more.


Northeast Ohio needed something in 2005, and nothing made it more evident than its stalling music scene. Stagnant with countless metal also-rans and emo never-will-bes, the time was ripe for a highly melodic, fiercely aggressive, and subtly more intelligent unit to emerge. With a strong double guitar attack in the vein of Breaking Benjamin and piercing bass and drums in the heart of Sevendust, Drenalin formed from members of the dissatisfied Akron mire to become the new force of nature in the Midwest's new modern rock renaissance...all while evolving and redefining what an unsigned band should be.

After working hard in other bands throughout his youth, guitarist Dan Gutter changed gears and decided to forge a different outfit while continuing to refine a signature sound. To further the vision and add new direction to the already accomplished song writing, local acoustic singer/songwriter Josh Surgeon was recruited for lead vocals in mid 2005. After building a fiercely loyal following in the years that followed, Drenalin was finally a cohesive unit after adding guitarist TJ Jones, bassist Nick Rescina, and drummer Mark Peddle - collectively totaling over 65 years of musical experience under their leather belts. The band found their direction quickly and began playing at local competitions in the Cleveland and Akron areas; all while catching unsuspecting listeners and their lesser contemporaries off guard with their strikingly ambitious rock melodies and uniquely energetic live outings. The gigs started coming fast and the legions of fans continued to grow, aided by a self-titled album released in mid 2007 - selling over 1200 copies and appearing and performing on the air on Cleveland's 92.3 WXRK.

Following the overwhelming success of their debut release, their second effort - Ground Zero - dropped to thousands of anxiously waiting fans in July 2009. While still delivering the incendiary sound of the previous album, Ground Zero adds a hint of mainstream sensibility, with mature melodies, rioting guitars, and pivotal drums to match - the exact sonic assault their loyal and ever-growing fan base continues to crave.

Highly accomplished and feverishly dedicated, Drenalin is a local favorite in Northeast Ohio and throughout the region. Notably, the band was voted Akron's Best Local Original Band for 2009 in the Akron Beacon Journal. Competing in multiple band competitions, Drenalin has won the 2008 Rock 106.9 (Canton, OH) Battle of the Bands (1st out of 18 bands), and conquered the 2007 Battle of Standing Rock; a classic 60 band battle in Kent, OH. This gave Drenalin an edge over their competition, all while gaining the respect of regional venues and promoters - consequently being invited to open for national acts Taproot, Red, Trust Company, Primer 55, Sponge, Saliva, Evans Blue, and Flaw throughout the intervening years.

The local media agrees, as the Cleveland Plain Dealer states that, "Drenalin not only provides something different, but could also be the band most likely to break out of Northeast Ohio. [Drenalin's] solid songwriting and textured performance easily puts it alongside the Nickelbacks, Godsmacks and Breaking Benjamins of the rock radio world."

And Tim Webb of Cleveland's Scene Magazine concurs on songs like "Your Savior" as it "is at once complex enough to marvel at the band's musicianship and simple enough to sing along with."

Buzzbin Magazine sums it up by saying that "[Drenalin] is a group that everyone needs to see. Drenalin has hit the music scene head on and are taking no prisoners."

The Akron Beacon Journal's Music Editor, Malcolm X Abram, claims "Drenalin's sophomore album Ground Zero released in late 2009 is a strong, well-produced slice of contemporary rock with songs such as the catchy lead single Escape, with its big, fist-pumping chorus, and DKC, with a quiet verse and big grinding riffs."

Currently touring Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania - Drenalin has played over 80 shows in 2009 alone! And with a sophomore album selling in abundance worldwide and a fanatical following at their shows, Drenalin knows how to make their music work, and work hard. If you haven't heard of Drenalin - you soon will. They are setting the new standard that success is no longer attached to a record label, but merely to passion, determination and inevitable destiny.



Written By: Drenalin

©2007 Drenalin

Moving left, swerving right
Tension is on the rise.

Evolving toÉ
Heed the way, to overtake
WhatÕs wrenching down the spine.

Encapsulating drone
The only feeling known
Velocity divine
Why donÕt you get out of the way!?

So make up your mind!
Quick shift and press for more
For the sake of reversing allÉtime
That is now no longer in store

Now all thatÕs seen are those shifting eyes, suggesting theÉ
Closing lights, Impending fights
Are now sealing the demise

ThereÕs something in life for you to get away fromÉNOW!


Written By: © 2009 Drenalin

Just waste away . .with just one to blame . . . what if I could face this?
Leave all to chance... or just throw the towel . . but stand in line Ôtil you get yours
ThereÕs nothing left for me to doubt...thereÕs nothing horrible about,
the way you look... the way you feel... its all on me this time!

So run, run, run!
Run, run, run!
You fall away from all the willful indecision,
but the answerÕs clear this time

Don't breathe the air, don't breathe the air
ItÕs what you donÕt see that will end this
I donÕt even care... what you have to bear
so never look back again and never think twice

You canÕt take something when thereÕs nothing, so donÕt breath the air.

You hold the key...but I draw the line...Only time takes over.
YouÕre out of sight, but IÕm out of my mind...and this heartÕs getting colder
The quiet scream...the echoed shout...The silent dream to figure out
The way I took...the way I steal...youÕre stuck on the outside


Written By: © 2009 Drenalin

©2009 Drenalin

Seething for time, nevermind, a decision
Meeting middle for once will always dissipate

When needing a wish, never bliss, just emission
Final credits, we trust, still never hesitate

ThereÕs nothing left just to contemplate

Cause I donÕt need those reasons anymore, the pleading that youÕre using here
It comes with musing your desire in me

So I donÕt need those reasons anymore, cause I am becoming too cold.

Never promote to evoke, only listen
Clever little design thatÕs broken into shame

Whatever thatÕs spoke or just wrote on the mission
Cut the brittle divine, thereÕs no need for blame

Too cold, the cold that chilled my heart, the one thatÕs torn apart. The one thatÕs torn apart!!!

Cause I donÕt need those reasons anymore, the pleading that youÕre using here
It comes with musing your desire in me

So I donÕt need those reasons anymore, cause you are becoming,
but I am already too cold.

Without You

Written By: © 2009 Drenalin

This wont hurt I swear... You think that I don't care
WeÕll just never both believe... That we're afflicted with something.

So how come... you just wanna turn away... without a careless fight.
Have a look inside... you will see we're alive... It's not over.

So leave it unharmed as I shove you away

Cause IÕm giving it all! You made your choice, IÕll never fail to play
YouÕre leaving alone! It's crystal clear this time.
I'm giving it all! I hope you never forget it.
Cause it goes on and on and on and on...without you

IÕm noticing a trend...that the good will always end
When the bitter disregard...is feeding destruction

So how come... you just wanna run away... without a care in sight.
Have a look inside...weÕre still willing to fight...YouÕre whatÕs over.

So leave it unharmed, thereÕs no reason to stay

Without you.

One Second Chance

Written By: Drenalin

One Second Chance

We could have been the best creationÉ but I threw it all away
We could have had the perfect connectionÉ instead I led you astray
I was the last one to show youÉ even though you made me whole
You made me this better personÉ I canÕt believe that I let you go

Please donÕt tell me that this is the end to our story
Please donÕt say that this is an image of whatÕs going to be

This time IÕll make things rightÉ Cause our love deserves another try
I need a chance to showÉyou just canÕt let it go
Cause I canÕt spend another nightÉ without your heart next to mine
DonÕt let us goÉ Or let us fadeÉ Cause you are it for me

Realize I have no purposeÉ now that IÕm crawling alone
It seems my body has no feelingÉ cause I am becoming so numb
We were in É our own worldÉÊ No one could ever take that away
Everyone around us wonderedÉ Could they ever be this way

Please donÕt say that this is the end to our story
Please donÕt tell me that this is the picture of whatÕs going to be

WeÕre leavinÕ the past behind, Ôcause weÕre only getting started
IÕll do what it takes to show that itÕs no longer one-hearted
Please donÕt say that this is an image of whatÕs going to be
Please donÕt say that this is the end to our story
Chorus (Repeat 2x)


14-song 2nd album: "Ground Zero" (2009)
11-song Debut Self-Titled Album: "Drenalin" (2007)
3-song Studio Demo (2007)

Radio Airplay: Escape, Healing Time, Without You, Riddance, Give It Back, One Second Chance, Justify, Save the Day, Your Savior


2010 Columbia Station Battle of the Bands Champions
2010 Cleveland AutoRama Battle of the Bands Champions
Cleveland's Best Hard Rock Band 2010
Akron's Best Original Band 2009
VexFest 2009 Festival (1 of 3 regional acts invited)
2008 Rock 106.9 Battle of the Bands Champions
2007 Battle of Standing Rock Champions



Set List

Sets vary from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on event. Covers vary depending on show.

Drenalin currently has 24+ originals, plus an array of covers in the vein of Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust, Live, Alice in Chains and MORE!