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Drene Ivy

Cleveland, Ohio, United States | INDIE

Cleveland, Ohio, United States | INDIE
Band Jazz Gospel


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"Fred Hammond"

Hey Kat I've been a fan of yours since I was a Young Lad. you've been a legend as far back as I can remember.

what's going on with you?
FH - Fred Hammond

"I honed my jazz chops"

There I honed my jazz chops and finely tuned my ear with the help of the extraordinary Drene Ivy, a wonderful pianist from Cleveland. I still remember him pulling me aside one night and saying "you're not playing the concept man". I asked him what that was and he said "I can't explain it. Come over to my place and we'll listen to some sides together". I replied, "no need, I know what I need to do". I went out and bought every Eddie Gomez, Ray Brown and Ron Carter record I could find. As I listened to the masters, it became clear to me what he was talking about. By the end of the year Drene was turning around and smiling at me. I knew I was starting to get it. In hindsight, 1983 at Las Brisas would turn out to be the most musically rewarding (and challenging) year in my career. - Bruce Atkinson


Thanks so much Drene. That was so nice of you. I appreciate so much your encouragement and your prayers. I pray all is well with you. I also pray that you continue to use the awesome gift that God has given you to bless others. Know that you are making a difference in people's lives through the wonderful music that flows through you. Keep doing what you are doing and be encouraged. Hope to see or talk to you soon.....

peace and love


- Richard Smallwood

"Drene Ivy: LOCATED!"

If you were part of the Houston jazz scene in the 80's, it was hard not to be aware of Drene Ivy. Those who knew him remember his stellar talents as a jazz pianist, a composer, a teacher, and a deeply committed Gospel musician. Drene left town in the mid-80's to return to his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and little has been heard from him since, until now.

A couple days ago, I got an email from Thomas Borling who had just returned from Cleveland.
"Just returned from Cleveland, Ohio. I heard Drene perform last night at Club Isabelle. He was backing a singer and Drene sounded great (the singer was good also). He asked about you and other Houston musicians that he knew here.

Perhaps you could post his web site on JazzHouston.

Here is the info.

Drene Ivy
P.O. Box 221377
Beachwood, OH 44122
216 798 4488

I have a special appreciation for Drene since he was also my piano teacher at HSPVA. In life there are a handful of people that set your course. For me, Drene is one of those people. I'm sure many others who studied with him share this view. Beyond merely showing us the mechanics of our craft, he got us excited to play. His classes combined regiment (scales, scales!) with all sorts of listening, transcribing and composition. It was unpredictable and a lot of fun. We loved testing his perfect pitch too, which was flawless. In fact, it was borderline scary. Once I saw him sitting in a crowded lunchroom, writing out a chart, stopping occasionally to plug his ears, as if listening to something. When I asked him what he was doing, he responded "I'm writing out the bass line to this Lionel Richie song. I have to play it and the bass player I'm working with doesn't know it." Having only heard the song on the radio, he was able to transcribe it on the spot.

Every year that he taught at HSPVA, Drene-mania would spread across the whole jazz department. He had something to show everyone, from horn players to drummers. He even helped vocal students in their understanding (Drene also sings, of course). When he moved back to Cleveland in 1986, word had it that he stopped playing jazz entirely to focus on the Church. According to his newly discovered web site, he is the Minister of Music at a church in Cleveland and actively recording and performing Gospel music. But he's also gigging around town in Cleveland with jazz groups.

His third CD "With These Hands" has just been released. The track samples remind me immediately of the magical and unique qualities he possesses. I'm actively working on getting a copy, so look for more info soon.

- Andrew Lienhard-Jazz Houston


I have four cd's: Paradise, We Reverence Your Name, With These Hands, and Suonata D'Amore.

News Flash!
You can now hear the music of Drene Ivy in over twenty five countries on Satellite and Digital Radio stations nationwide:

Central African Republic
New Zealand
Trinidad & Tobago
United Kingdom
United States



Drene Ivy began playing the piano at the age of 4 and began formal training in piano at the age of 5; by the age of 8, he was skillfully playing classical compositions by Beethoven. He studied piano techniques and theory at the Cleveland Music School Settlement and studied classical music at the Cleveland Institute of Music. While still a junior in high school, he was awarded a Scholarship to Durham College in North Carolina where he studied percussion and composition and was a student in the Eastern Music Festival Youth Orchestra in which he skillfully played the timpani (kettledrum). He also studied music at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, OH. By the age of 21, he had performed on six albums.

Drene Ivy served as musician for many years at his home church, Pentecostal Church of Christ, where his gifted musical skills were honed. He was inspired by his pastor, the late Bishop Charles Watkins to pursue his talent in the contemporary music realm.

Drene Ivy was an instructor of jazz composition and techniques and piano theory for the Houston Board of Education as well as instructor of Jazz History at Cleveland State University.

Drene Ivy has composed over 200 songs. His compositions are comprised of a wide range of genres including inspirational, gospel, classical, easy listening, jazz and Latin jazz. His music is published under G Sharp Sonata. Drene Ivy is also an accomplished playwright. His current work, “Saved” is a musical drama for the Easter season spanning from Biblical antiquity to modern church times.

In August 2005, his song composition entitled “Worship The King” was selected and presented at the Gospel Music Workshop of America National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Since 2004, Drene Ivy has appeared as guest clinician at the famed Edwin Hawkins & Walter Hawkins Music & Arts Seminar where he served as staff clinician teaching keyboarding performance.

The following CD’s are available at amazon.com and cdbaby.com:

We Reverence Your Name
With These Hands
Suonata D’Amore
The Best of Drene Ivy and In His Presence (To be released Oct. 2007)