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The best kept secret in music


"Dre' Pauls/Moody Grooves"

Dre' Pauls began his musical adventure in the mid '80s as a member of a hip-hop group, before gradually becoming more involved in DJ and production work. As the title 'Moody Grooves' suggests, his latest recording takes in a fine body of work fit for both the lounge and the dancefloor. 'Love Play' starts things off in a soulful, funky style but its dreamlike ambience conjures up images of beautiful vistas. There are two points which soon become noticeable about this album: the first is the obsession with emotions in the song titles and the second is the warmth of the instrumentals within. 'Urban Passion' compares to Ultramarine's ambient folk and - just like 'Enthusiasm' - seems optimistic on the surface but underneath there's a faraway melancholy. Dre' Pauls isn't the kind of artist to turn the music world upside down but his old school house leanings form the foundations to the much heralded Junior Boys' sound. - www.leonardslair.co.uk/drepauls.htm

"Featured Artist: Dre’ Pauls"

Style: Ambient Jazz

Musicians: Dre’ Pauls (All mixing)

Review: Dre’ Pauls is a DJ from Chicago. He has been perfecting his skills since the beginning of his career as a DJ in 1985 during the Chicago House Music scene. Dre’ was once a member of the hip hop/rap group called East of the Rock. Although Dre’ Pauls does not play any instruments, he is a true artist that effortlessly fuses different elements together jazz, funk, blues, soul, rock and classical music. His biggest influences have come from the jazz and disco genres “because of their versatility,” as stated in the press release. Dre’ has produced material for such artists as The Positive Senda, The Mad Thinker, Trace the M.C., Infer Black, April Smith, Somethan Smooth and Poet, and Continuous Faith.
Dre’s latest project is entitled Moody Grooves. The album commences with “Love Play,” a very smooth and up-tempo track. The blend of piano and electric guitar creates an impressive melody. “Sentimental Harmony” and “Enthusiasm” are utterly atypical tracks borrowing melodies from both the hip hop and classical genres. “Urban Passion” is soothing yet funky the drums create a rhythmic piece of music. “Emotional-Lust” is the spot on up-tempo song to play at a social gathering. “Cupid”, “Affectionate Feeling”, “Infatuation” and “Desire” showcase forceful guitar riffs and fervent drums. The album comes to an end with the energetically charged “Equally Yoked” and “Eroticism.” This album will prove to be a welcome addition to your collection. Play this when you want to entertain or simply relax at home.

Tracks: Love Play, Sentimental Harmony, Enthusiasm, Urban Passion, Emotional-Lust, Cupid, Affectionate Feeling, Infatuation, Desire, Equally Yoked, Eroticism

Reviewed by: Katrina-Kasey Wheeler

- JazzReview.com

"Andre “Dre” Pauls"

“I've always wanted to create music but didn't have the patience to learn to play an instrument, so I quickly learned the art of fusing together elements of Jazz, Funk, Blues, Soul, Rock, Classical and World Music to create a distinctive sound.” -Andre “Dre” Pauls

Creative, innovative, artistic words that come to mind while listening to the independently released, Moody Grooves; an eleven track compilation of spectacular, relaxing, ambient, instrumental grooves. Track titles such as love play, sentimental harmony, enthusiasm, emotional lust and desire are immediate attention grabbing arrangements making the replay button on the compact disc player your personal friend.

Much of the inspiration for the tracks comes from experiences in Andre's life; how he feels at a certain time or things going on around him and affecting him such as a first love, making love, and ultimately losing that love.

Andre Pauls, who is from ChiCity, has been around music for most of his life. He started off as a house DJ in the mid eighties and was part of a rap group called east of the rock. He has also produced music for several underground artists in the ChiCity area. To get more information on Andre Pauls, listen to CD tracks and purchase the CD go to the following websites:



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Moody Grooves

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Feeling a bit camera shy


Heart felt, smooth, and dramatic.
Dre' Pauls is a wizard of creating music tracks. From down tempo to up tempo Dre' Pauls music gives a laid back feel

Dre' Pauls weaves together elements of Jazz, Blues, Funk, Soul, Rock, Classical, World Music,etc to create a distinctive sound.

Dre' Pauls signature sound has made a mark for him in the Chicago music scene. His mission is to spread the captivating vibes of his music beyond the local music scene. Dre’ orchestrates loops, sounds and/or samples with the passion of a mad scientist in a laboratory and emerges with a sound that is definitely pleasing to any ear.

Dre' began his musical career as a DJ in 1980's during the Chicago House Music scene. Shortly after his success as a Chicago DJ, he ventured off into many different projects which included: becoming a member of a Hip Hop/Rap group
called “East of the Rock”. Dre' was also involved in production and sound work for the following underground groups in Chicago and Dallas. Tha Positive Senda, The Mad Thinker, Trance the M.C., Infra Black, April Smith, Somethin Smooth and Poet, Continuous Faith.

From an early age his love for music and dancing prompted him to take things a step further and create music. “I’ve always wanted to create music but didn’t have the patience to learn to play an instrument, so I quickly discovered the art of fusing together elements of Jazz, Funk, Blues, Soul, Rock, Classical and World Music to create a distinctive sound”. Dre' credits his biggest musical influences to Jazz and Disco because of their versatility.

When asked “What are you trying to accomplish with the release of your CD?”
Dre'’s response was “I enjoy so many different types of music, I simply want to produce good quality music.”

Dre' Pauls musical approach has defined him as unique, diverse and versatile
and is definitely someone we should look out for!

Dre’ Pauls Productions