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"Dre Sr.- Juneteenth"

When is the last time you were able to fight the temptation to look at that girl's booty? Or how long has it been since you did not get wrapped up in the newest video on BET with the shiny wheels and money flashing on the screen? Are you able to resist stirring up strife when someone gets in your face or clowns you in public? If you struggle with dying to yourself in these or any areas of sin, then I suggest you get your Bible, grab a pen and pad, then be sure to visit: KingdomCityRecords.com to cop Juneteenth by Dre' Sr. today!!! Not since Trip Lee have I been so excited about the lyrical talent of a Midwest Holy Hip-Hop artist. This man is pouring his heart out on this project. His beats are unreal. His perspective on the Gospel is so refreshing. Not many people have the ability to bring the truth of God to stereo as effortlessly as Dre' does. This Kingdom City representative presents the Gospel in truth and in spirit. I guarantee that if you are hearing these beats, lyrics, and concepts you are not only bobbing your head, but being fed the word of God. Oh what a relief it is to be in Jesus! There is so much encouragement with the second installment from this Kansas City rapper who came to the faith in the spring of 2005. Maybe that is a factor in why I feel him so much. I was saved in the same year. I pray I am not being bias, but this dude is on a new level with this album. He took a huge leap from his debut album Living Sacrifice. I am not saying that it was not fire, but on the real man, Juneteenth is sick! I mean, I bet some cats will need pepto after ridin' to this. Tracks like "Cross on My Back" and "Devoted" will have you rewinding over and over. Believe me, this purchase will not only show love to Dre' but support the Great Commission. If you are blasting these tracks in your whip, somebody will hear the word and be saved.

Spiritual Significance
The hardest part of our faith as Christians is the battle we are in with the spiritual forces. Our submission to God's will over our own is a constant fight. The moment we think we are good and standing firm, we should be careful or we may fall. Dre' addresses this on every level. From scripture reading to practical steps of obedience, we see how it plays out on an everyday basis. He also does such a good job of presenting vivid examples of how it feels to struggle. "DIE" will take you on a journey like a National Tour Association member. We all struggle with sin. But praise God that He gives us the perfect cure for overcoming sin in the spiritual. First and foremost we have been justified through our lord Jesus Christ. But the next step for us is to be crucified with Christ by being willing to accept His will for our lives. We should deny our own selfish desires for the righteous, holy, and perfect desires of the Living God. Christ died for our sins. So to paraphrase T-Mission as he sings in "Know You More," we should be eternally grateful to Him for being willing to sacrifice so much for our salvation. I think that it is such an important fact to dwell on as believers. We get so concerned with our daily lives. We focus so much time on the daily grind of career, household chores, and five year plans that we constantly make the mistake of forgetting how important the death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ was. He died for us! He bleed for us! He took a brutal beating, got spat on, and endured unimaginable pain for us! We fuss and whine because our car runs out of gas or we did not get the promotion we wanted. We whimper over how much money we should be making. Our lives are sometimes reduced to if we feel good at the end of the day. Stop! Ask yourself this question: If I had to die so others could live for eternity, would I but more importantly, could I? We are so selfish with our own agendas that we get completely distracted from the truth that God has revealed to us. Dre' Sr. brings us back to reality. He makes you fight the good fight. With his devotion to the King of Kings more believers will refocus and nonbelievers will hopefully be drawn to how attractive Christianity is.

Topics Covered
Fruits of the Spirit
Not being a slave to sin
Being set free
Being a bond servant/slave to Christ
Devoted to God
Die to the flesh
Die with Christ
- Trail Blazin Ministries

"Dre Sr.- Interview"

Andre Roberson also known as Dre' Sr from Kansas City, Missouri describes himself as: "I am simply a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. I received God's call to salvation in the Spring of 2005 and I have been running for the Lord ever since. The Lord called me out of darkness to His light and he has graciously placed me in a position to minister to others through the art of hip-hop music."

The MC explains how de dealt with sin: "Like alot of people, I grew up in the church. My parents were youth ministers so I was always at the church house. Being in the "church" was good for me but it was also harmful. See, I grew up with the mentality that I could sin as much as I wanted to and all I had to do was say a quick "Father forgive me" before I die and that would be enough to get me into heaven."

His attitude changed: "I later was confronted with the reality that Christianity is a lifestyle and not just a quick prayer. That's when I truly got saved and set free from the bondage of sin that I was in. Being that I come from that background, God has really placed a burden on my heart to communicate the Truth of His Word to the countless amount of people that have that same mentality that I had. So now I have a passion to unashamedly spread the gospel of Christ to everyone that I come in contact with."
- Holy Hip-Hop Database


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Andre Roberson, also known as “Dre Sr.”, burst onto the Kansas City Christian Hip scene in 2005. Originally known for his hit song “I’m Justified”, Dre quickly grew into one of Kansas City’s premiere Christian artists. Having grown up in the church, Dre Sr. was well versed in religion but void of any spiritual relationship with the God that he claimed. Being diluted by a false definition of repentance, Dre Sr. lived a lifestyle that was bound in sin with the belief that forgiveness merely required an “I’m sorry Father”. In the spring of 2005 Dre Sr. received God’s call to become a slave to the righteousness of Christ. Having suffered the loss of his first son that was born prematurely, Dre Jr., Andre adopted the name Dre Sr. in remembrance of him. Through his son’s death, Dre Sr. grew closer to Christ by recognizing God’s providence and his need of an intimacy with him. Now, more than ever before, Dre Sr. diligently disciples and evangelizes to people the importance of the Gospel of Jesus in hope that strongholds of sin might be broken, relationships might be gained, and lives would be reconciled to the Father.
Dre Sr. is different from other artists because of his style of delivery. Dre Sr. truly is one of the most entertaining and inspiring artists to grace the stage in a long time.