Sean R. Thomas is dresscodeboydresscodegirl. He specializes in hook-laden guitar rock and intimate ballads. A dynamic artist, dresscodeboydresscodegirl can be performed as raging, energetic 5-piece or as an intimate solo acoustic act.


Started in 1999 by Sean R. Thomas, dresscodeboydresscodegirl was started as an intimate, deeply-introspective acoustic project.

That same year, dresscodeboydresscodegirl released the "entrylevel" 5-song CDEP. Numerous shows were played in BC and Alberta in support of the CD.

Departing from the solo format in 2002, dresscodeboydresscodegirl recorded and released "Master Blaster Runs Bartertown". The album saw the addition of full instrumentation.

Now fully matured, dresscodeboydresscodegirl has recorded a hot-blooded CD titled "This Paltry Sum." With blazing guitars, pumping rhythms and heavy melodic hooks, the band is poised to tour Canada and the US in support of the new album.

dresscodeboydresscodegirl specializes in both energetic rock shows and intimate solo sets.

Influences include: Geoff Farina, Secret Stars, Guided By Voices, the Weakerthans, Wolf Parade and others.


entrylevel - 5-song CD (1999)
Master Blaster Runs Bartertown - 8-song CD (2002)
This Paltry Sum - 12-song CD (release Summer 2007)

Various unreleased tracks are available as streaming media through NewMusicCanada, PureVolume.com and Myspace.

Set List

In its current format (5-piece rock band), dresscodeboydresscodegirl plays a 35-minute to one hour set consisting of original material. Singalongs and crowd participation are highly encouraged.

Typically, the set starts opens with energetic rock songs such as "Night Robots" and "Right in Your Body".

Part-way through the set, Sean gives the backing band a breather while he plays downtempo favourites "entrylevel" and "Mating Rituals of the Uncool".

Bringing the tempo back up with songs "Master Blaster Runs Bartertown" and "Contrails" the set climaxes with guitars blazing and singalongs to new songs "Right in Your Body", "King Me" and "This Paltry Sum".

Encores include "Fashion Convicts", etoile, and "Counted Out"