Dressed for the Occasion

Dressed for the Occasion

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Take some flashy attire, some classic-rock riffs, add a rebel-twang to the mix and you get Dressed for the Occasion. This four-piece Rock n' Roll Band from Boston produces nothing less than an absolute thunder-storm of a performance.


Occasionally, amidst the murky waters of rock music, a blazing light will emerge from the depths to show us that despite the muck and the mud, there is still a hopeful place where the river still runs strong.

Dressed for the Occasion was formed in Boston, Massachusetts in the summer of 2010 by Singer Addison Chase, lead guitarist Patrick Hopkins, bassist Alex Ferrero, and Drummer Michael Penney. Addison came to Boston in hopes of completing an acoustic album produced by Hopkins and, in a twist of fate, sparked the wildfire that would come to be known as “Dressed for the Occasion”.
Rooted in classics like Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Hank Williams, and The Doors, each individual member brought their own powerful mix of taste and style to the table, and created a sound that can only be described as a thunder storm of originality.
With their ground shaking performances, flashy attire, unique and memorable lyrics, and classic rock soul the band’s success grew fast. They began opening for world renowned acts like The Vibrators and The Hudson Falcons, played in clubs throughout the city like The Middle East and TTtheBears, and before long won the “Boston Battle of the Bands” offering a grand prize of a full-day studio session with which they recorded their first full-length album self-titled “Dressed for the Occasion”.
Since 2010 DFTO has rocked stages all over New England, and will forever continue to forge their way through the iron doors of rock n’ roll.

“Couldn’t get enough of this act” -RSLblog.com

The Devil's Rodeo, Live performance:

Simple Life, Live performance:


The Queen of New Orleans

Written By: Addison Chase

Well she was twenty-two
without a rhythm to her blues
when she started on the road to hell
she had pretty blonde hair,
and a shimmer in her stare
she was a pretty little southern belle
she drove a broke car,
brought the party to the bar
the boys couldn’t control themselves
and when she broke down,
every man in the town
would gather round
to offer there help

well she knew how to flaunt,
shed get anything she want
with a wave of her long blonde hair
shed have a man to her left
and another to her right
and all shed have to do was stare
other women saw her coming
and they all started running
when this beauty was on a tear

well she was the queen of new orleans
she was an alabama slammer
she was the sweetest georgia peach
louisiana in its glamor
she was a bright white shining pearl
such a beautiful image of a girl
she had a wiggle in her hips
that made men hand her their entire world

well about twenty years passed,
the girls beauty didn’t last
life ran away so goddamn fast
she had the sun in her eye,
until her long hair died
and instead of having men
she had a bottle by her side

well its too bad this girl
never learned how to live
no she never had to take
and she never had to give
now shes almost at the end
of her road to hell
there goes whats left
of that pretty little southern belle


Dressed for the Occasion: Suit & Tie (2011)