Dressing the Drummer

Dressing the Drummer

 Murwillumbah, New South Wales, AUS


Dressing the Drummer are a four piece funk, blues and rock band from the NSW North Coast. Originally formed as a support for HSC music performances, the group soon realised chemistry and potential, and decided upon becoming an official band. With the combination of Nina Baumer’s incredible lead vocals and keys, Keegan Craven’s blistering lead guitar, Neil Farrell’s funk filled bass lines and Lachlan Bambach’s tight beats and grooves, Dressing the Drummer are a young, energetic band with a professional sound that is guaranteed to get you up on your feet.


Taking Off

Written By: Dressing the Drummer

Verse 1:
Hung around for too long
My soul a shade of grey
Bored of all my hours
Wastin life away
This town is burning me up
Can't escape the flames
It’s time to walk the hard road
Till I feel no pain

I’m takin off
I’m gunna fly high....
Yea I’m taking off
I’m gunna reach the sky...

Verse 2:
Dontchya hold me down
I’ll just break loose again
Don’t need your words of wisdom
I’ll make it by myself
Don’t need your helpin hand
I'll build my own path
I'll walk my own journey
And damn ill make I last


Verse 3:
Don’t underestimate
My capabilities
I got no shiny gold
But silvers good for me
See I earn my respect
And yea I got my pride
Don’t tell me I’m a fool
Quite wastin’ my own time..



Currently recording our first demo.. Watch this spot for updates..

Set List

Taking Off- Halcyon Days Original

Incredible- Joss Stone

I Don't Need No Doctor- John Mayer

Supertitous- Stevie Wonder

Steal My Kisses- Ben Harper

Zebra- John Butler Trio

Steer- Missy Higgins

Good Love Is On The Way- John Mayer Trio

Black and Gold- Adele

Havanah Affair- Red Hot Chili Peppers

Are You Gunna Be My Girl- Jet

Wait Until Tomorrow- Jimi Hendrix

Billy Jean- Micheal Jackson

Higher Ground- Red Hot Chili Peppers

Morning Sun- The Beautiful Girls

and many more...