Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

an eclectic mix of indie alterative rock/folk. we're a versatile musical landscape that covers the emotional spectrum between happy and sad, calm and boisterous, dark and light. songs soaked in genuine cathartic moments, walls of guitars, layered vocals, and a refreshing dose of honesty and charm.


With an undeniable passion for the beautiful art-form that is music, the members of Dress Rehearsal are committed to creating songs that will move the listener the same way that they are moved and motivated by the wonderful music that has influenced their lives.

The small town of St. Marys, Ontario helped spawn this four-piece ensemble, with twin brothers Sean and Kevin Graham forming "Tiger Zebra" in 2004. After years of song-writing, learning, sculpting and progressing, the Graham brothers released their debut album, "Greens & Honey" on July 9, 2009. The songs, which are acoustic at their core, draw a sonic and atmospheric feel with their swirling guitars, layered vocal harmonies and versatile drumming. The band has always been proud to draw influence from the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, Sun Kil Moon, Elliott Smith, Sunny Day Real Estate, Built to Spill, Blind Melon, and Doves.

During the hectic months surrounding the release of their debut, the band was able to add new members in order to add substance to their live shows. Ryan Watson, also from St. Marys, took the reins playing lead guitar. After returning from a two year stint in Thailand, Joshua Doherty joined the band on bass in June of 2010.

Dress Rehearsal spent two years supporting Greens & Honey through relentless gigging (including a highly successful Eastern Canadian tour), and self-promotion.

Dress Rehearsal released a two-song single titled "The Lazy River Road" in November 2011 that saw the first recordings of all four members in studio together. The single served as a prelude to the band's triumphant second album, "Somewhere Under the Weather", released in January 2013.

Their sophomore album features 13 new songs and highlights the scope of the band's versatility - everything from heavy rock to light folk. Dress Rehearsal plans to tour in support of the album this Summer. Look out!



Written By: Kevin Graham

fighting fire with fire
amoung the towering pines and blue waterways.
the only escapades i've ever known.
in the darker reaches.
help is on the way from a book i saw today in streams of beaming lights.
the martians in the sky, with their beady eyes have claimed that it's my time.
weak-kneed shuddering sundays.
i've come so far to lose my way.
and i'm lost.
the demons won't leave you alone to sleep, it's nice to live in this wooden home.
serenity in place, serenity in place...
so daydreams won't get caught in the flames and the spells that beat me.
i hate getting caught in the reins of the stranger parts of me.


Written By: Kevin Graham

ill-postured. sickly.
featherbrain and stickly.
black-eyed dead stars
tight-lipped false starts
in a cold room, in a haunted house
there's a feeling here
and it all spills out
in a muddled state, like every day
a somber strike, a frozen lake
and this is so much more than fiction...
and all that's broken needs fixing.
light rain, inane
bewildered and small-framed
punchdrunk, high-strung
blinding little rising sun
on a big road, with an old song
a breath of life, then it's gone
a pale face waiting in the weeds
blue eyes that dream of yellow leaves
just yarn and glue, a clothesline
tall stories and narrow minds
a witches' web, an endless trance
of masterplans and cages
in a dim lit hallway in april, this is so much more than fable...

River Blue

Written By: Kevin Graham

wanna float on down, give it away
let the oars dip back and forth
and if i go too far, i'll find a place
far from the girl that just scratched at my world
and maybe i'll sleep where the grasses twirl
a little lull, going slow, faces of the letting go
i'm almost there and i hear voices as i'm drawing near
the river blue
you're everything i've dreamt of
your pace is bold
you are the story that heals a soul
a slithering old slipstream, behold the river blue
the colours run in through the leaves like heaven
the many moons, the clouds that pass like afternoons
and the stones and weeds beneath my feet
will hold this river true
blue river blue

Morning Grey

Written By: Ryan Watson

lying awake, dressed in morning grey
and already worn out from the coming day
drive on down the road, coffee cup in tow
passed a barn of fading paint, fields of fallen snow
tossed aside, cursed to a caving mine
only keeping warm by fires of "remember the time"
one night to drift away to a familiar place
but when i woke up in her arms i felt to sad to stay
i guess i don't belong
the nights are dull and so long
there's so much here to lend and to mend,
'til then i'll just drag my broken, tattered, lonely heart to the bedside
of a girl who'll try to carve out her name in a pumping vein that hasn't died
and 'll just drag my broken, tattered, lonely heart to the bedside
of a girl who'll try to carve out her name in a pumping vein that hasn't died

Swan Song

Written By: Kevin Graham

there is a shipwreck in the ocean where you knew me
and though it's lonely now, it is strong.
well the weather vanes are symbols of our changing
and i will follow the direction of the wind.

if there's a lonesome tear running down my face,
if there's a sadness that joins the thinning days,
it's just the first day of fall and i've embraced,
but there's a past i can't escape.

the beginning of the season spells your swan song
you are a fallen tree in a field where we would play.
i returned from that voyage where i'd right wrongs
it took some time to clear the cobwebs in my way.

if i shiver like a fire by the old brook,
if i sing with the choir about my outlook,
it's just the first day of fall and i'll give my all
to make sure that my own happiness won't fall.


Greens & Honey. 2009.
The Lazy River Road. 2011.
Covers a Hillside. 2011. (Free Online Covers)
Somewhere Under the Weather. 2013.

Streaming tracks available at: soundcloud, facebook, www.myspace.com/dresssrehearsal, and here.

Albums available on iTunes, Rdio, and Bandcamp.
"Somewhere Under the Weather" available on CD Baby.

Set List

River Blue
Nourish Me
Swan Song
Purple Evening
Light Bright
Brave New World
Lounge Act [Nirvana]
Morning Grey
Hummer [Smashing Pumpkins]

Encore and/or other songs played with available time:
Killing Spiders
As We WInd
These Days are Long
Soup of the Day
Gumdrop Hills

Covers played:
Seahorse [Devendra Banhart]
You May Be Blue [Vetiver]
No Key, No Plan [Okkervil River]
A Shot In The Arm [Wilco]
Blood Bank [Bon Iver]
Every Shining Time You Arrive [Sunny Day Real Estate]
Mouthful of Cavaties [Blind Melon]
Empty Cell [Rusty]
Lounge Act [Nirvana]