"There is something to be said for the perfect pop song. It's catchy, infectuous, a little over the top and altogether stick-in-your-head and shake-your-ass-appealing. Drew and his band have nailed down a whole disc of them..." T. Chrisman, The X


"Drew has an extremely charismatic persona and strong musical talents and vocal prowess, which reminds one of Jon Bon Jovi meets Rod Stewart in style. Drew's impressive vocals, strong writing and performance skills are easily more than enough to carry him to great heights of success. But, in a world where every extra edge truly helps a great artist, Drew easily comes out on the top, as his natural star power really ignites by combining that talent along with Drew's innocently stunning sex appeal, which seems to conjure up the esscence of a young David Cassidy gaining an injection of Tom Jones' commanding masculinity. In short, Drew is an artist who without even trying will instantly capture ones eyes, ears, and hearts forever." Justin Nylander, Electrovenus Records


Drew has been featured on major Infinity Broadcasting, Entercom, and Clear Channel radio stations. The single, "Wish I never Had" was awarded by the Grammy Recording Academy and the music video has received widespread attention (see DrewFans.com)

Set List

Originals and high energy pop rock tailored to the event.