A mix of natural and electronic instrumentation, which gives the listener something near a Bjork, Depeche Mode and James Taylor lovechild.


After spending the better part of a decade playing in various bands (Cobalt Blu, Manhattan on the Rocks, Lot 49) around the Denton/Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Drew Maher is now a solo artist. Fresh off of playing a major label showcase, Drew is embracing a new avenue for his musical career. His music is a blend of eclectic influences including Bjork, The Postal Service, Travis Morrison, Stevie Wonder and James Taylor. Drew has made 6 full-length albums and 5 Eps and is thus no stranger to the studio. He is also no stranger to the stage. Over the years he has played with a variety of musical set ups; somewhere around 150 live performances in all.

Another twist that Drew throws in, is the fact that he speaks and sings in Spanish, as well as bit of French, making him one of the most versatile songwriters that you are going to come across. Along with his Yamaha Motif 6 keyboard, Drew is a complete songwriting package. Starting with pre-recording the drums, bass, "bells and whistles", he also writes and performs live, all vocal and guitar parts for his unique blend of songs. By combining English, Spanish, French, experience and solid songwriting ability, Drew Maher provides something for everyone. Whether it be an average radio listener or an avant-garde critic, everyone will come away with something worthwhile.



Written By: Drew

And I, I’ll be the one/To be with you, earth, moon and sun/I’ll dig the dirt if you’ll be my hands/If you’ll calm the sea, and it’s demands/That’s why you’ve got me feelin’ like I could move a mountain/Through time and space I feel we’ve grown/And I would walk all the way to India/To let you know that you’re not alone/And you, you have bad days/Well so do I, so does the human race/You have to fall to ascend/To feel the cut to feel the mend/You’re not alone


Written By: Drew

Do you remember the day?/You asked me to sail away/I said, "Where would we go?"/Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe/So what could I say?/I had no one to be, besides tomorrow was Saturday/Saturday, we can play it as if it were a game/And let the night breathe life into our lives/Together we don't have to sacrifice tonight/I remember the colors/I remember your face/I remember how the light shone down in that mystical place/And then from somewhere beyond/I sort of felt like a kid/The one from the childhood novel/ONE/Where everything is Saturday/Saturday, we can play it as if it were a game/And let the night breathe life into our lives/Together we don't have to sacrifice tonight/Saturday, when everything else goes away/We'll throw ourselves back into the night/Together, we don't have to sacrifice tonight/Look at all the beautiful things that surround/Elevate and ground you/Greek tragedy seems false/Let it come down and heal you/I find myself when I reveal you/Think positive thoughts because it's Saturday

¿Por qué te quieres decir?

Written By: Drew

Las malas interpretaciones pueden cambiar algo inocente, a algo sin gracia/ Pero siempre yo he sentido la misma cosa desde mi infancia/Para ayudar a la gente a pesar de su ignorancia/Porque al fondo de aquella cosa, duerme la culpa de otra/¿Por qué te quieres decir?/¿Por qué te quieres decir?/No es la culpa mía, y el pasado no va, el pasado no va a revenir/¿Por qué te quieres decir?/ ¿Por qué te quieres decir?/Lo que pasa, pasa, y el futuro no es, algo que yo puedo controlar/Todos están gritando sobre “El Che” y sus eventos revolucionarios/Pero no se han dado la mano ni a sí mismos ni a sus propios barrios/Y la libertad que pensaban estaba afuera, en realidad se quedó en las ideas ocias y escondida entre los (varios) ?/Dites-moi/Dime/Je crois que je peux faire tout /Creo que yo puedo hacer cualquier cosa/Je ne suis pas invisible/Yo soy invisible/Aussi que le futur est mien/También que el futuro es mío/Il n’y a personne qui peut m’en prendre/No hay nadie que me lo pueda quitar/J’ai un nom et une culture, mais c’est ne pas assez/Tengo un nombre y una cultura pero eso no es bastante/Je dois continuer aller d’avant pour me trouver moi-même/Tengo que seguir adelante para encontrarme a mí mismo/Si no quieres hacer nada, no te quejes/Solamente acción para nosotros y nuestras mentes/Es una llamada de deber entre quien seré y quien soy/Dime tú; ¿que has hecho para tu causa hoy?


Cobalt Blu--You Know You're Hungry(LP)--1996
Cobalt Blu--Soundtrack to a Robbery(LP)--1997
Cobalt Blu--Your Best Excuse(LP)--1999
Cobalt Blu--Irreconcilible Differences(EP)--2000
Manhattan on the Rocks--Innocence and Expeirence(LP)--2001
Manhattan on the Rocks--Red Army(EP)--2002
Lot 49--Music for Smart People(EP)--2003
Drew--Selling 2-Dollar Bills for a Dollar(LP)--2006

Set List

3.Maybe Tonight
6.Por que te quieres decir?
7.June and Julius
9.En los brazos de mi corazon
10.Ya es la una
11.You Make Me
12.Plan de cuatro partes
14.Dine Alone
15.Peanuts and Vodka
16.Room on the Moon