Drew Acree

Drew Acree


"Feel-good" music with an improvisational style and focus. Many have noted "sounding like Jack Johnson". Drew Acree delivers lyrically accessible songs that a wide audience can relate to while keeping the music stripped down to each instrument’s true tone.


37-year old singer-songwriter-guitar player from St. Louis, MO with an improvisational guitar style and focus on writing and playing "feel-good" music. Raised in St. Louis, MO, Drew Acree started playing guitar at the age of nine. Through his high school and college years, improvisational influences including Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Jerry Garcia took hold. After performing in the St. Louis music scene as a member of the originally-focused group Sensafeelia, Drew turned his attention toward completing a Master of Business degree (MBA). While completing his degree, Drew continued his guitar work while developing his vocal range in the band Vertigo Sun. Upon completion of his MBA, Drew left Vertigo Sun to pursue writing and performing his own originally-focused music. Drawing on inspiration of fellow solo artists as well as the birth of his first child, a demo titled ”Whole and Pure” was recorded in August 2006.

In May of 2007, one of the "Whole and Pure" tracks titled "Wok-on" received a Top 500 Honorable Mention in the 14th annual Billboard World Music Songwriting contest. The honor "demonstrates the talent and dedication it takes to write a hit song". Another track, "Rain", also received an honorable mention, placing in the Top 1500 of all entries.

In November of 2009, "Free your mind", a self-released 10-song album will be unveiled showcasing musical range from acoustic alternative to electric rock to bluegrass. Residing in St. Louis, MO, Drew shares a home with wife and children while co-owning and operating Chameleon Integrated Services, a minority-certified Information Technology consulting firm focused on delivering solutions for Federal and State Government agencies.

Drew provides entertainment for a variety of events ranging from bars and restaurants to wineries, festivals, private parties, outdoor amphitheaters, and benefit/charitable functions.



Written By: Drew Acree

Verse I
Sunglassed lady behind a shade
Serving brokers over lunch
Your mystery stays each time I come
For number 31.

Inside the cage her sons engage
In hidden play through native tongue
She shares in fun and takes the pops
While serving dishes in their plastic tops.

Where do you come from?
Can you say “hemisphere”?
Behind the glasses
Will I see mom
Or something that I fear?

Wok-on mama
Wok-on for ever dear
Wok-on mama
Your legacy is here
Wok-on mama
Wok-on for ever dear
Mama wok-on

Verse II
Little lady with 21
I’d like a Dew with my cashews
The braise is hot and sears the roof
It’s hotter than the soup

Clock the time and share a grin
You’ll crack the skin - Just open wide
Your future’s here
Through black on white
It’s paper thin
And here within your sight


Written By: Drew Acree

Verse I:
Where have you gone my burning friend?
Your flavor lasts so long
Just months ago I loved you so
And shared you with my neighbor
Will we compare the times we savored, stories that we share but
When will I see you again here?
When will I see you here?

Verse II:
Green chiles mixed around
Some love the flavor, some just frown but
Cold bowls are just as good, it’s guacamole like it should be
Salt up a rim although it’s dim
The view is perfect here but
When will I see you again here?

For just a moment I see you
And dream of nights we spent in June
For those that come and stake a claim
A pale comparison of your fame

Verse III:
Sombreros make the tune
Some gaze and listen, others move to
Tales told and laughing loud
It starts real small, becomes a crowd
The bartender’s keeping tabs, line ‘em up he’ll even join you
When will I see you again here?

When will I see you here?
When will I see you here?

Sisters and Brothers

Written By: Drew Acree

Wonder if we realize
Is this another case of genocide?

The way it was
Before we knew we had our druthers
Saying “bye” to our mothers

La-da-dee, da-da-da-da-da-do-do-do
La-da-dee, da-da-da-da-da-do-do-do

< SOLO >

Win ahead and carpe diem
For an honorable reason

Six the years we bleed our colors
For your sisters and your brothers
La-da-dee, da-da-da-da-da-do-do-do
La-da-dee, da-da-da-da-da-do-do-do

Whole & Pure

Written By: Drew Acree

Verse I:
The sky is falling or so they say
To grease the road
Of all that’s right in your lives we say
You will behold
The western wrath, our sunlight path
You will endure
What’s right and wrong, fit in your box
It’s whole and pure

Verse II:
Under the covers we’ll tuck you in
Red, white, and blue
Reduce the masses, absolve your sins
It’s up to you
Your country’s calling, it’s time to serve
Come be the cure
The world’s an oyster just play our tune
It’s whole and pure

Free your mind

Written By: Drew Acree

Verse I:
In a world ripe with connectedness
What a jest it seems
So many people live with broken dreams
Efficiencies abound
Our cyberspace and scores reveal a layer
Is it helping to compare?

Break it down
And keep it real, there is no substitute for the truth
Take the step
To show your cards, you never know what you may find
Perhaps it is your time?
Perhaps it is your time to free your mind

Verse II:
Yesterday I heard the news through network TV tones
How many record people are alone
Intimacy absent
Guarded views and privacy reveal a blur
Can we be more insecure?

Break it down
And keep it real, there is no substitute for the truth
Take the step
To show your cards, you never know what you may find
Perhaps it is your time?

And if you see the one, hook it
A catch for you
Intimidation rules today…



Out there you never know what you may find
Perhaps it is your time to free your mind


"Free your mind" (2009)

1. Wok-On
2. Pueblo
3. Whole & Pure
4. Sisters and Brothers
5. Take on the town
6. Free your mind
7. Saturday
8. Rain
9. Out on the road
10. Missing Verano

"Whole and Pure" (2006)
1. Wok-On
2. Saturday
3. Rain

Songs are streamed on my website - www.myspace.com/drewacree.

New video additions coming in October! Please see video links to a handful of the songs (note - copy and paste http:// link in your web browser):

Wok-On - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIkDNckoi7c

Saturday - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9SHES6A2s0

Rain - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wI0mh8QLb74

Set List

A typical setlist includes a mix of original material augmented by covers. Shows are usually 3 - 4 hours long and consist of multiple 45-minute sets followed by 15-minute breaks.

Wok On
Whole & Pure
Sisters and Brothers
Take on the Town
Free your mind
Out on the Road
Missing Verano
Leaving here soon
Spent Along
Last night's fun
From nowhere
Lose my mind

High and Dry - Radiohead
Can't find my way home - Traffic
CC Rider - Elvis Presley
Cold Blooded - Big Head Todd
Constellations - Jack Johnson
Etta James - Assembly of Dust
Golden - My Morning Jacket
Tulsa Time - JJ Cale
Sissyneck - Beck
I got a woman - Ray Charles
Man who sold the world - Nirvana
Down by the river - Neil Young
No expectations - Rolling Stones
Tore up - Jerry Garcia Band
Stagger Lee - Grateful Dead
Inaudible Melodies - Jack Johnson
Dinner with Ivan - Big Head Todd
What I got - Sublime
Gumbo - Phish