Drew Baldridge

Drew Baldridge

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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Little Things

Written By: Drew Baldridge and Sammy Arriaga

Verse 1
The way you talk while your sleeping
When your hair is a mess
If I have to pick a time of the day
The morning is your best

Verse 2
The way you sing your own songs in the shower
it's a free show everyday
running round wrapped up in your towel
saying I gotta put on my face

Girl You wont notice
oh if only you knew
That You drive me crazy oh baby
with they little things you do

Verse 3
There's only one solution
to the problems you have
it's when I take you to the shopping mall
and fix them with my cash

Verse 4
And when you tell me your stories
you get that look upon your face
I try to listen and I can't help but laugh
Cause it's always the same



Girl you wont believe me
Trust me honey it's true
That you drive me crazy oh baby
With the little things you do

o ya thats right keep on talking