Drew Breeze

Drew Breeze

 Archbald, Pennsylvania, USA
BandHip HopPunk

Everything I do I put my all into it because I love it and I refuse to lie like other people in my genre even if it would make something more entertaining. I'm amazing at what I do.


Drew Breeze moved around most of his life until settling in a public housing project in Florence, South Carolina where he found his love of music, hip hop more specifically. After spending most of his formative years down south learning flow, technique, and southern hospitality he moved to Scranton Pennsylvania where he met all the people that would eventually become his "team". Drew has always had a love of punk rock and hardcore music as well which is what sets his work ethic and lyrics apart from most other rappers. Drew believes everything should be done to perfection whether one person or 100000 people are going to be hearing it. Blessed with a knack for word play, raw emotions, and fearlessness Drew Breeze puts every ounce of himself into all his writing, recording, and live performances.


Tattooed And Abrasive- 1st Mixtape

Honest To Goodness-2nd Mixtape (the single Margaret has received local radio play on 91.7 VMFM, as well as two music videos for songs of the mixtape.)

Back To Backpack-3rd mixtape to be released in early 2012

Set List

Shut It Down

Look At Me Now

Pretty Girls

Tupac Back

6 Foot 7 Foot