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Drew Breeze

Archbald, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

Archbald, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Drew Breeze Releases Latest Music Video; “Margaret”"


As I’ve been posting about all year, Andrew “Drew Breeze” Merwine represents one of the most talented and charismatic up and coming musicians from the Scranton, Pennsylvania area. Fresh off the success of his second album, and hot on the trail of his first music video, Drew Breeze today released his second video from his “Honest to Goodness” album. Margaret, a song that sees Breeze collaborating with Dan Rosler (of A Fire with Friends fame), has been a fan favorite since Honest to Goodness hit the streets back in October. If the buzz surrounding Drew Breeze was big before, the Margaret video should amplify it by quite a bit.

Margaret is the second track from Drew Breeze’s “Honest to Goodness” album to receive the music video treatment. Last month, Breeze released his first video, for the song “Tupac Back Remix“. While that song served as a good introduction to Breeze, showcasing the harder side of his rap rapporteur, Margaret exposes another side of Drew Breeze and his talents, namely his ability to spit a powerful narrative rhyme alongside the sounds of an acoustic guitar and a chorus sung by Dan Rosler, a member of the band A Fire with Friends. The resulting composition, captured eloquently under the direction of Leah Daniels, is a shining example of why Drew Breeze has built up such a loyal and rabbit fan following in such a relatively short period of time.

Both of Drew Breeze’s albums, “Tattooed and Abrasive” and “Honest to Goodness” are available free for download. If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to check both of them out and, if you like them, help spread the word about Drew Breeze. Additionally, you should absolutely follow him on Twitter (@Drew_Breezey) and like him on Facebook. For all the latest news and updates on Drew Breeze and his continued rise through the ranks of the Scranton music scene, be sure to keep it tuned to this website. - Dan Cheek

"(Video) Drew Breeze Talks About “Honest to Goodness”"

When ‘Drew “Breeze” Merwine released his first mix-tape, “Tattooed and Abrasive” several months ago, it made a lot of people stop and take notice. A white rapper? From Scranton, Pennsylvania? Who’s actually making a name for himself and building a huge fan following? Yup! Now, with the success of Tattooed and Abrasive under his belt, Drew Breeze is preparing to unleash Honest to Goodness, his lasted and much anticipated new album. To help promote that release, and to better introduce himself to those who may not be as familiar with his work, Breeze has released a video that gives an inside look at who he is and a behind the scenes look at the making of Honest to Goodness. Take a look…


So now with an album (and another one about to drop) and a damn video introduction, there’s absolutely no reason or good excuse to not know who this man is. Drew Breeze is an extremely talented rapper who’s gaining a bigger following by the day and it’s a safe bet that once Honest to Goodness hits, a much larger percentage of your friends will be blasting his shit in their cars and on their iPods. So spread the word; Drew Breeze is back and his new album, Honest to Goodness, is not to be taken lightly or ignored. - Dan Cheek

"Andrew “Drew Breeze” Merwine Releases Mix Tape"

Andrew Merwine, a friend of mine and frequent contributor to this site, has released his first rap mix tape, Tattooed and Abrasive. Even better, Mr. Drew Beezey has made the decision to make the entire album available for free download. Anyone who has any type of interest in rap music or quality music of any sort would be well advised to take a listen. And please don’t think that I’m only promoting this tape because my friend made it. It is, legitimately, very, very good.

Tattooed and Abrasive is a solid, impressive debut album from a clearly talented rapper. Drew Breeze has put a lot of time and dedication into creating something that is equal parts genuine, entertaining, and complex. Make no mistake, this album isn’t something that was produced on a whim or thrown together by someone who had no clue what he was doing. No, Tattooed and Abrasive is something that was made on purpose and by people who knew what they were doing and who are very good at what they do. It’s no secret that there’s lots of mix tapes out there. The difference between Drew Breeze’s Tattooed and Abrasive and most of those other tapes is that Drew Breeze has a future in the rap game and his debut album stands as stone cold testament to that.

So take a moment and listen to at least a few of the tracks from Tattooed and Abrasive. If you only have time to listen to a few tracks, I’d recommend Look at Me Now and 6 Foot 7. And if after those, you find yourself having time for just one more, be sure to take a listen to Nothing’s Free. Drew Breeze has, with his first release, produced a damn good album. Talent like this doesn’t show up all that often, but now that it has, I suggest that we all pause for a moment and recognize it. His name is Drew Breeze and his album is Tattooed and Abrasive. Listen to it now because you’ll probably be hearing about it later, anyway. - Dan Cheek


Tattooed And Abrasive- 1st Mixtape

Honest To Goodness-2nd Mixtape (the single Margaret has received local radio play on 91.7 VMFM, as well as two music videos for songs of the mixtape.)

Back To Backpack-3rd mixtape to be released in early 2012



Drew Breeze moved around most of his life until settling in a public housing project in Florence, South Carolina where he found his love of music, hip hop more specifically. After spending most of his formative years down south learning flow, technique, and southern hospitality he moved to Scranton Pennsylvania where he met all the people that would eventually become his "team". Drew has always had a love of punk rock and hardcore music as well which is what sets his work ethic and lyrics apart from most other rappers. Drew believes everything should be done to perfection whether one person or 100000 people are going to be hearing it. Blessed with a knack for word play, raw emotions, and fearlessness Drew Breeze puts every ounce of himself into all his writing, recording, and live performances.