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A Hold On Me

Written By: Andrew Gilman

I’m on a mission
my position is that I’ve got to get you
girl you’ve really caught my eye
I see you moving like you should be
I’m approving listen up
tonight you’ve got to be mine

I lean in close and whisper in your ear
the things that you just got to hear
to tell you how I feel
And so I’ve got you where I want you now

Would you believe what you can’t see
Because the truth is right behind you baby
I’m standing right where I need to be
Because you’ve got a hold on me
What would it take to make you see
That the best is yet to come girl

This is the message that I’m sending
stop pretending, hard to get
is such a trivial game
So as the lights go down
Just feel the music take control, then
Turn around and tell me your name

I’ve got a plan for us just take a chance
Let me show you true romance
You’ll be comin’ back for more
And still I’ve got you where I want you now

The night is almost done just take my hand
I’ll take you to Wonderland
But our book doesn’t end
It’s really just beginning yeah