Drew Kefalonitis

Drew Kefalonitis


Don't let his simple set-up of acoustic guitar and vocals fool you. Drew's songs have earned him fans in cities throughout WI and MN. From auditoriums to coffee shops to bars, no matter how loud the venue, once the audience hears Drew, they make an effort to hear more of what he has to say.


Folk, acoustic, country, good music.

Simple songs. Drew writes simple songs that listeners connect to. He says if being uncomplicated was good enough for Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, and so many others, he's happy being uncomplicated.

Over the years, Drew has lived in many cities. He's played and gained fans in Wausau, Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis and towns in-between.

Finally in 2003 he settled in Central Wisconsin. He continues to play in Madison but most often plays monthly shows at a local Baraboo bar. At each show the bar is packed with familiar faces that return to see him, but they make room for new fans that have come to see what the commotion is about.

The most frequent compliments of Drew's music are about his lyrics and how well the listeners relate. He has been compared with Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Bob Schneider, Pete Yorn and other random artists.


Please Forgive Me

Written By: Drew Kefalonitis

Copyright 2002 Drew Kefalonitis

Can I live my life with you
Can I finally see
That if I don't settle down
I'll be stuck with me

My reasons may not be romantic
My intent may be impure
But if I don't have some faith
I know I'll never be sure

Cause I never claim to be smart
And I never claim to be pretty
But I claim what I see
And you look good to me... so
Darlin' please forgive me once again

It seemed so easy in the past
Relationships were good
But after getting hurt so bad
I think about more things than I should


Free Man

Written By: Drew Kefalonitis

Copyright 2002 Drew Kefalonitis

What if I went to Tennesee
Left Wisconsin far behind
Would your blessed memory
Finally leave my mind
Would the snake that strangles me
Finally loose its grip
Would I finally be a free man if I took that trip.

I've been trying for a year now
To move on with my life
One girl after another
Something just don't seem right
Maybe if I meet somemore
Fuck every girl in sight
Would I finally be a freeman by living night to night.

I don't know how I'm gonna get free
Darling break these chains from round me
Or I'll be on my way...

I'm waiting for a sign
To tell me what to do
I don't know what it's gonna be
I really don't have a clue
Will it be some pretty smile
Or some long blonde hair
Will I finally be a free man
When I find one girl out there.

Mother's Eyes

Written By: Drew Kefalonitis

Copyright 2002 Drew Kefalonitis

Growing up I never knew
How much my mom went through
Getting us from day to day
Can I help I'd never say

I would say pick me up at three
I don't care where you have to be
You're just suppose to be there for me
That's your job as far as I can see

You don't need any time for yourself
I never worried about your health
Least not the way you worried about mine
Even when I was feeling fine.

Whenever I hear, a baby's cries
I think of the love that burns
In a mother's eyes

Finally it was time for me to go
I thought I knew all that I could know
Then college really kicked my ass
I'm sure I never missed a mass

But I wasn't just praying for me
I was praying for my family
I finally realized that where I came from
Is the same place I was going to.

Whenever I hear, a baby's cries
I think of the love that burns
In a mother's eyes

When I think back to all the times that I was really mad at her,
Why didn't she just leave me alone.
I'm not saying I was wrong everytime but now i realize,
Just how much I've grown...

Whenever I hear, a baby's cries
I think of the love that burns
In a mother's eyes.


Drew Kefalonitis - Drew Kefalonitis EP (July 2004)

Set List

I have over an hour of original material.

Free Man
Please Forgive Me
Mother's Eyes
Wish I Knew Your Name
Hope in Love
Help Me Forget About You
Happy Cause You're Sad
Rest of My Time
Faith Holds Out
I Can't Love
4 Years, 4 Months
Maybe Someday
She's Ready
Create Our World
Irish Whiskey
Mistress Blue
Stealing Kisses

When playing longer shows, I play cover songs by Warren Zevon, Lyle Lovett, Paul Cebar, Willie Porter, Bob Schneider, Dan Bern, Ben Harper, Mark Knopfler, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Cat Stevens, Everclear, the Lemonheads, Matt Skiba and many others. I have played full 3 hour shows with songs to spare.

As you can see it is a very diverse set list from old to new and I have received compliments from teenage fans up to over-middle aged fans.