Drew Landry

Drew Landry

 Lafayette, Louisiana, USA

Extends & rebuts the roots of Southwest Louisiana the same way that the Pogues' blasted through the greensward pieties of traditional Irish music."Landry doesn't often brag about how Kris Kristofferson called him the best songwriter he's heard in 30 years." -Nick Pittman, Offbeat


Drew Landry landed his first gig as a roadie on a Scott Biram/Hank III tour. Since Williams asked him to open that show Landry has shared the stage with Billy Joe Shaver, The Angola State Prison Band, Lazy Lester, David Allen Coe, Charlie Louvin, Dwight Yoakam, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Doug Kershaw, Johnny Winter and countless others.

Landry's first album "Keep What's Left" was called "The Equivalent to Lomax's field recordings for the 21st Century". The sophomore effort, "Tailgaten Relief" was featured as live nations "Ones to Watch". Bandryland or the "Drew Landry Band" is a group of over 20 South Louisiana musicians who helped Landry record this album. Sharecropper's Whine was to be the soundtrack for the unreleased documentary film "Last Man Standin". Advance copies of this album had already charted when the project's untimely delay kept Landry's music from reaching his fans.

Without the resources to get his songs to a national audience, Landry walked away from music and found redemption in the swamps of his native South Louisiana by helping coastal citizens deal with the BP disaster.

Kris Kristofferson was quoted as saying Landry's State of the Union Address/folk song, "Last Man Standin" is the "best he's heard in 30 years". Landry's singing testimony to the Presidential Oil Spill commission would bring his music back to the limelight and lead to a deal with Warner Bros. Their Charity single "BP Blues" gave money to coastal citizens with spill related health issues. He joined forces with Dr. John and many other artists to finish the Deepwater "Memorial EP" and continues to work on the Bobby Charles inspired "Solution to Pollution" Project.

Finally, the cult classic will hit itunes thanksgiving week 2011 with 3 bonus tracks. The album not only takes a hard look at where Landry comes from, but where the proverbial snowball headed for hell might take us all. Although this release has been delayed more times than the new Iphone, Sharecropper's Whine deserves a listen and we are proud it will finally see the light of day. Copies will be available on his Gulf Coast Tour starting Thanksgiving week & in record stores the first week of January 2012.


Bandryland Bootleg - 2001 self release
Keep What's Left - w/ the Dirty Cajuns - 2004 self release
Tailgaten Relief & Hurricane Companion Ep - 2006 self release
"Carry My Cross" is on The GAA Volume 6
"BP Blues" Single - 2010 Warner Bros
Sharecropper's Whine - Nov 22, 2011 self release

*getting radio play on AAA, NPR, & Webradio stations in the US & throughout Europe