Drew Leith and The Foundation
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Drew Leith and The Foundation

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Rock Southern Rock




"Indie Seen"

One of the busiest bands in town, Drew Leith and the Foundation are gearing up to play Maxwell’s Music House on Friday night. Since their inception in 2008, the Foundation has their roots set in entertaining fans, meeting new independent artists and standing proud as fathers, sons, kids, grown-ups and Canadians.
Remarking that Kitchener-Waterloo has a strong independent music community and incredibly supportive fans, the Foundation are also active philanthropists, lending their talent to various charities. “We are all actively involved in giving to charity in some way, shape or form,” Drew Leith explains. “The band has always felt it is important to give back to the community...if it's important to make a difference with our music, it is equally important to make a difference in every other aspect of our lives. We have played shows to support many charities and always attempt to align ourselves with charities that we believe make a difference.” In addition to their recent stint at Eco-Fest in Kitchener, the band will be playing two subsequent charity shows, one Saturday in Toronto, the following on Wednesday alongside Neverending White Lights.
“It's almost as if bands in the KW region live by the old addage ‘there's safety in numbers’,” Leith says of the Kitchener music scene. “I can definitely say that bands in this area are less focused on the competition between other bands and, instead, focus on building long-lasting partnerships. Many musicians in the area have also moved onto other endeavors that support local music and the music culture/needs of the area. We are proud to be part of a musical community determined to be noticed and not take ‘no’ for an answer.”
Deeply seeded in an alternative rock genre, Leith says that he and his brother Ryan (who helped co-found the band), both do have their varying influences such as the Beatles and The Tragically Hip. “As a band, we all have diverse and eclectic tastes in music,” Leith says. “I think you'll hear that in our sound, although we consider ourselves to play ‘folk-rock’ we dabble in many different genres which we hope, in the end, culminate in something that is unique and palatable to people who may hear it.”
But all in all, the solid rock goodness that is Drew Leith and the Foundation and their admirable work with charity are more than enough reasons to hear them perform this Friday at Maxwell’s - Echo Weekly Online


Still working on that hot first release.



The Foundation was formed early in 2008, when brothers Drew and Ryan Leith decided to culminate their musical knowledge into one common focus. Working on many original songs mixed with a few unique takes on some more well known covers, The Foundation was well on its way to making its splash onto the scene.

When Ryan decided to move to the great white north of Ontario for a brief change of pace, Drew pressed on, cutting the first self titled EP "Drew Leith". Recording at Rattlebox studios with talented young producer Brian Moncarz, Drew crafted his sound even further into the contemporary folk-rock sound people are hearing these days. The album has since been released on all major online retail outlets, including Canada's largest retail chain HMV.

With the new found focus and head of steam gained from weeks spent in the studio Drew knew it was time to put together the band necessary to accompany him on his journey. And, knowing there was time to be had during post-production, he did just that!

After auditioning a few bass players from around the Kitchener-Waterloo area, as fate would have it, an old friend popped back into the picture. Back from his refreshing jaunt to the Canadian wilderness Ryan Leith had finally returned to play alongside his brother once again. Now, it was just a matter of finding a drummer who could handle the lot of them.

Drummers came… drummers went. Some auditioned and weren’t the right fit, others fit perfectly but had hearts in other places. Thanks to a mutual friend, Daryl and Drew connected through social media and, after only a few practices, the band was right back on track. Adding his own brand of humour and personality to the band, Daryl “Thunder” Ralph brings his “A” game every time!

Rounding out the group is Azur Rock, who's clean leads are a total compliment to the unique yet familiar sounds the band is known for. With roots in folk and classic rock, Azur's inspirations subtley drool from his strings. His on-stage energy is unmistakable and makes him a man to watch for at every Drew Leith and The Foundation show.

That pretty much takes us up to now; Independent recording artists, local entertainers, fathers, sons, kids, grown-ups, Canadians… Drew Leith and the Foundation are all these things and so much more. Heading into the studio in early 2012, and looking to cut a video with renowned producers The Field, the band is most assuredly headed onward and upward. With continued dedication to their craft, and the passion that has taken them this far, Drew Leith and The Foundation had a great start to 2012 with a serious presence at Canadian Music week (including a showcase at The Hard Rock Cafe and Q107) and, looking forward, will hopefully end up in the national spotlight… possibly even with their upcoming single "With You".