Drew Vervan

Drew Vervan

 Westminster, Maryland, USA

A powerful voice - an aggressive guitar style - imaginative lyrics - Drew leads the singer/songwriter genre with the same raw energy usually reserved for rock.


Drew Vervan has a rather eclectic background, with influences ranging from Mozart to Pete Seeger to Pete Townshend. Drew has earned a Bachelor of Music in Composition, but his musical pursuits have always extended beyond the formal academic world. His interests have centered around Western Folk Music, particularly the following: the singer-songwriter tradition, which began in earnest in the 1960s; the energy and diversity of Celtic music from Ireland and Scotland; and the vitality of acoustic music in the pop and rock genres. Through blending these styles, and allowing their traditions to influence lyrical content, Drew has created his own unique, acoustic folk-rock sound.

Drew has performed for audiences in many parts of the world. He spent three years working as a musician in Europe, and, during that time, he performed extensively in Germany and Ireland.

Now, Drew lives in Baltimore, and frequently performs in different musical formats: with his traditional Celtic band, Kinsale; with his acoustic, cello-driven rock band, Move Like Seamus; with Kristin Putchinski in the Simon & Garfunkel tribute duo, The Scarborogh Affair; and also as a solo artist.


LP (CD): "A Little Turned On"
EP (CD): The Scarborough Affair (with Kristin Putchinski
LP (CD): "Playing Favourites" with KINSALE
LP (Cassette): "Lost in the Land of Beer without a Husky"
LP (Cassette): "New Traditions"
LP (Cassette): "Demo-Realization"
LP (Cassette): "Taken" with the VIEW
EP (Vinyl): "Walking the Median"

Set List

In a solo performance, Drew's set list varies widely depending on the venue and the audience. The setlist will always include a core group of originals, particularly those from the most recent CD, "A Little Turned On."
1. Oh, No, Hey, Hey
2. Yellow Sigh
3. Jessica & Kate
4. I've Gone Away
5. I live for the Gold
6. Under the Grey
7. Put it Down
8. Tell me what you want
9. It Must Be True
10. The Next Big Thing

Also, a solo performance usually includes some traditional Irish music, and a few classic covers from the singer/songwriter and rock genres. For example, Drew often covers songs by The Who, John Denver, Don McLean, XTC, Squeeze, and others.