Dre Young

Dre Young

 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
BandRockHip Hop

Dre Young delivers an out-the-box music experience.
He’s not gangsta, he’s not hipster - just a self defined
artist with talent, confidence, and charisma.

Dre lives life to the fullest everyday like it’s the weekend and has captured the essence of his lifestyle on his new single “The Weekend”.


Title: The Weekend
Servicing Date: 7.8.13
Add Date: 7.26.13
Genre: Hip-Rock-Pop
Label: Simple Life Records

“THE WEEKEND” is an adventurous weekly escapade of nonstop partying that can only be accomplished by the most determined die hard partiers that we all aspire to be. Produced by Big Head Beats and Remixed by Mixsano The Great of De Invaders, who’s past prodution credits include Dr. Dre, Pink, Beyonce, Mya, and Keyshia Cole, the track bounces the fans through the record with its slappy bass, shredding guitar, and dynamic live drums. Dre Young has created a college party classic.

Dre Young is Touring the Midwest promoting “THE WEEKEND” and building awareness for his yet-titled debut album release.


"The Weekend" Single
Released: June 2013

"I'm Errday" LP
Released: August 2012

"Indiana Boy" Single
Released: July 2012

Set List

Dre Young likes to mix up each set, personalizing it for the audience.

Typically he'll run anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes, performing a combination of mixtape singles, original music and unreleased tracks.

His musical versatility affords the chance to perform both all-ages and 18+ shows.

He performs with his band The Stoners which features 2 guitars, a bass, and a drummer. However, he can perform a track show if needed.