Dr. Feel Good and the Skeetones

Dr. Feel Good and the Skeetones

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Dr. Feel Good and the Skeetones creatively mixes some of the world's greatest music genres such as Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Classical, Latin, Swing, Metal, and other various types, and by doing so creates some of the best music to get your dance fix in for the day


We are influenced by every genre of music. We may have a song that is considered techno in the beginning but goes into funk or jazz. Every song has a story and meaning behind it. We have long songs and short songs and it is all about variety.


We are in the process of recording our first full length album with Chris Schmidt (Chick Pimp, the Terrors) and Ben Cochran (Chick pimp) of Soap Float Recording, which should be completed and released by June 2009. Until then, you can listen to our demo which was recording at CCM's studio. Also, listen for us on UC's Bearcast radio

Set List

We don't do a lot of covers. If we do we normally pick a song that you don't normally hear covered. We have played shows that last anywhere from a half hour to 4 hours. A typical setlist would look something like this.
King Louie
Chop Funk
Rodeo Clown
The Clap
General Sherman
Tyler's Durden
I came to get Down.
Kiss the Sky