Dr. G and the Funky Recovery

Dr. G and the Funky Recovery


Dr. G and the Funky Recovery is the sexiest combination of cosmic chemicals that will lead the universe into a new age of soulful prescriptions and rhythmic healing. So if your blood flow is weak and your spirit is the victim, Dr. G’s got the funky prescription.


In the Summer of 2003, Evan Gackstatter moved to Seattle from Wichita, KS with his guitars and notebooks full of lyrics and funky chord progressions. He was 18 years old and in search of musicians to collaborate and form a band with. He studied music at Cornish College where he met vocalists, Makala Romero and Bridgid Roney. Little did he know that in less than three years they would be singing in his band. Finally in 2006, after countless attempts to form a funk band, Gackstatter met the Thomson brothers, David on bass and organ and Daniel on drums. Their connection was immediate and absolutely amazing. All three boys were heavily influenced by soul, rock, gospel, R&B and definitely funk. Influences include James Brown, Jimmy Hendrix, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Kevin Bond, Gonzolo Rubalcaba, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, Led Zeppelin and many more. As their bond grew stronger, their style became more and more vibrant and their repertoire more complex and diverse. Gackstatter decided that two female vocalists would complete the picture and already knew exactly who he’d call. Soon Bridgid Roney and Makala Romero were singing back-up and the band was complete. Dr. G and the Funky Recovery are in the process of recording their first album and ready to take on any gig that any venue has to offer.


In the process of their first album,
Dr. G and the Funky Recovery.

Set List

1. Lunar Legacy
2. Negative Breeze
3. Roo Roo
4. Coloras Of Crazy
5. Airplanes and Seerial Killers
6. Mucle Bound Mad Man
7. The Saga Of OTTO
8. Phunky Disaster
9. One Winged Rocket
10. Drippin' Wet
11. Death Bed DJ
DR. G AND THE FUNKY RECOVERY's usual set-time requirement is 45 minutes to an hour. We have the material and the stamina to go way beyond that though.