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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Mod Suits..."

"Dom's got a great voice. I think he should wear mod suits and sing classic Wilson Pickett/Otis Redding type soul music."
--John Albert, founder of Christian Death, former drummer of Bad Religion and author of WRECKING CREW - John Albert


Sugar- EP 2004


Feeling a bit camera shy


dr.ghost glides swiftly through a desolate musical underground, touching every living thing in its path with a graceful hand of melodic precision and incisive lyricism. Slinging songs of longing and betrayal while daydreaming of lost loves and missed encounters, Dom Dorman crafts tunes that troll the depths of an everyday human experience while prompting the immediate and spontaneous ass-shaking of all within earshot. While addressing an urban existence laced with heartache and the paradox of choice, dr.ghost pays homage to the lost forms of classic soul writing and wailing with a delivery that employs deep drum n’ bass, eclectic electronica, and the unstoppable freight train of a 4 piece rocking soul band.

Dom Dorman offers a classic showman’s presence with the guitar chops to back it up, while longtime friend and collaborator Scott Fahey lets the punch and funk of his road-weary Rhodes conjure images of Bob James on speed. The deep sub-bass of Orlando’s custom 5-string is locked in solid-style with Brian VerStraten’s loop-based beats and crisp drumming. If Cream and Santana joined to form Otis Redding’s backup band, dr.ghost might prompt a comparison.

After enhancing the tunes featured on the ‘Sugar’ EP, the band has crafted a live show that sweats and breathes along with its creators, while facilitating extemporaneous backseat lovemaking, like a good band should. dr.ghost emanates from a bright light at the end of the tunnel of musical emptiness. It is there that the answers are audible, and rock n’ roll enlightenment is attained at the pearly gates the musical horizon. Welcome to the afterlife.

For fans of Soul Coughing, Otis Redding, Black Crowes, Postal Service, Motown and Cake.