Dr. Hue

Dr. Hue

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

We like to play, so listen to what we say. If love is good then we love Rock and Roll because it is fucking good. Like a sligshot, Dr.Hue launches rock(& Roll!)s at your daughter's window. We're not afraid of strangers, unless they are fucked up.


We are three sons of Cincinnati who met each other and eventually put a band together. Drawn together as a band only recently in late 2010, we have already played .. gigs and continue to broaden our reach and fan base. We are a young, hard-working band who has valued our time playing gigs that some musicians might scoff at in order to hone our performance skills. Through this

ability to play selecting set lists on the fly to suit fan interests

playing gigs that are shitty just to make money but make it our own by playing things that we like, offering songs that people may not have heard before, inspired by our collective record library

people always ask "what was that song? that was awesome!".

never been booed
not playing shit they would normally like
by the end everybody is dancing
always staff favorite