Dribs is sophisticated electronic music. That is, the production is sophisticated. The parts may consist of ultra-simple synth melodies, pathetic drum beats that walks out of step, or crazy vocals. The whole is something complex, "electronic brain music".


Dribs is Fredrik Östling born in Uppsala, Sweden 1975 currently living in Rome, Italy. Fredrik has been releasing music since 1996 in different constellations, with styles ranging from hard pumping techno, trance, drum‘n’bass and electronica.

As Dribs he has released “The open log book EP” and the album “Doing well without the drabs” on the Amsterdam label Ann Aimee. Dribs would be described as experimental melodic electronica or IDM (Intelligent Dribs Music ;-).

After finishing the album Dribs has started a more club-oriented project called Crystal Fake. A 15 min mini-mix is available here: http://www.audionaut.com/dribs/Dribs_and_Crystal_Fake_-_15_min_mix.mp3

Crystal Fake - Extreme Takeover
Crystal Fake - You Intoxicate Me
Crystal Fake - Prove Me Wrong
Crystal Fake - Innerdinner
Dorje - All For You (Dribs remix)

Crystal Fake is currently unsigned and is looking for a label.



Doing Well Without The Drabs (album), Ann Aimee, Ann-CDLP3, 2004

The Open Log Book EP, Ann Aimee, Ann004, 2004


‘Akivra’ on Mind The Gap Volume 55, Gonzo Circus, GC063, 2005

‘Prosthetic Limbs’ on Coming Closer, Punkt Music, Punkt05, 2001

‘March Of The Earwigs’ on Granit, RUC, GranitCD01, 2000

Set List

Dribs usually does around 1 hour live sets with special versions of released and unreleased material. Expect some serious real-time knob-twiddling!
And since Dribs has another alter ego, 'Crystal Fake' which is tech-house for the dancefloor, the live sets may be combined with that. That's up to the organizer of the event, the reaction from the crowd and the current mood of Dribs...