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Drift is a sensory burst of musical improvisation and beautiful structure. They draw from musical influences across the board, from Funk, Blues, Reggae, Rock, Hip-hop, Electronica and Dance, combining them with a Jam band mentality. So many influences create a new and unique sound that has caught the attention of the local party scene. With their growing following, Drift is now looking to move forward into bigger venues to accommodate the hundreds that show up for the incredible Drift jam parties. Drift sprouted from jam sessions in 2006, growing into 6 unique individuals late in 2006 who are not afraid to explore various musical genres and play what they feel. The combination of guitarist Scott and keyboardist Tim come together to create the bands wide range of lyrical content. Scott brings sobering world observations to his lyrics with an angelic sound as shown in Greylings Dilemma. Tim surfs the opposite spectrum of language with futuristic visions that touch one’s imagination, and electronics drawing from the psychedelic dance party scene, and Nate brings them together with his smooth guitar riffs . The rhythm section contains the powerfully eclectic and complex bass lines of Will, the precise energetic hand and auxiliary percussion of Chris, and the ever-changing rhythmic beats of Bryon’s set. Drift’s origins in the house party scene allow the band the adaptability to play any where from small houses to large venues. Drift has played outside the party scene in smaller bar venues and has rocked record store release parties. They have been inspired to play by their fans, who in turn have created DIY recordings, a Myspace profile, and the bands art and merch. With their growing positive response and fan base Drift has opened for multiple National touring acts such as U-melt or Roots of creation and played with many local favorites. Drift is enthusiastic about expanding their connections to the Colorado music scene and beyond


Greylings Dilema

Written By: Scott

The bridges, pavement, streets, and city walls cover the entire world.
No trees, no green leaves, no life but the living and one blade of grass.
It's hiding in front of us.

The whole world is paved over
The ocean is dry and spent
A blade of grass is all that is left
What if it was yours?

Chemical nutrition
Substance in pill form
It's hiding in front of us

The whole world is paved over
The ocean is dry and spent
A blade of grass is all that is left
What if it was yours?

My god what have we done...

Clockwork castle

Written By: Tim

back in the time of the clockwork castle

on the day of the moon in the year of the sun

electronic shogun master

was created and programmed to be the one

went to the land of the seven dungeons

on the wings of a bird of blue and gold

they say that day marked the new beginning

let the bright white prism of time unfold.

then after all that destiny was done

and the cyclops was defeated and the shores of venus won

electronic shogun robot didnt know just what to do

so he came back from outer space to live among the humans

but his mandables were only crafted to hold shogun weopons

his kimonos painted on his stainless steel exterior

he wants to be. . .

when he hovers down the street all the people stop and stare

at his electronic module mouth radio antennae hair

his feelngs show through color patterns on glowing lcd readout screens

hes got 27 of em

inside his heads the most advanced computer ever made

but it cannot compute love or beauty happiness or hate

he just knows that something wrong

earth is not where he belongs

he remembers. . .

Particle Parts

Written By: Tim

Particle Parts

as if not particles a part of us sways

bamboo on a breeze of sweet tasting smells

riding wind as mist and shadow

falling albatrosses descend descend

into forests of inanimation

into visions of imagination

spinning and weaving i cant touch the ground

over and over im losing my mind

floating and lifting my face to the clouds

over the world that i've left behind

as if not particles a part of us stays

lingers about the ashcan autodoors

riding wind in bending calm

remembering a time when foghorns blow


Self titled album produced by the band at Aims studios, Greeley Colo. The album contains 7 original titles by Drift including -Particle Parts -Mother Moon Etherial Shine -Abi Blow -Greylings Dilema -Dancetronic -Clockwork Castle -Spiral Heart Rotation

Set List

Drift plays all original music contained in an ever changing multi set performance. Drift can accommodate a small 45 min opening set or command an extended multi set headlining performance.