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Poughkeepsie, New York, United States | SELF

Poughkeepsie, New York, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




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DriftDivision - Self-Titled EP - Out October 26, 2010




There’s an integrity to the independent music scene—something powerful at the core of resisting popular trends and ‘creating’ on your own terms. Without a doubt, the transparency of this integrity is what built the global fan base for indie-juggernaut Matchbook Romance. It was about music—not money, girls, or the drug-blasted life most rock stars aspire to. We all knew it, and we all loved them for it.
So, for music fans all around the world, 2007 was a tough year; it seemed, tragically, that the sounds we’d come to cherish were coming to an end. Matchbook Romance split.
“I almost gave up on music,” says Andrew Jordan (writer, vocalist, and guitarist from Matchbook). “I spent three years in a tiny town in Pennsylvania working at a restaurant. I kind of just dropped off the map. I think I felt detached from life after touring so long. But, I kept writing the music I wanted to write. I guess I was struggling with the idea of doing it all over again, of jumping through the hoops to do what I love. I hated the industry, but I loved writing music! ”
DriftDivision, his latest project, is already generating quite a stir among the indie elites. “It’s a total grassroots movement,” Jordan explains. “Whatever success I have… well, it’s going to come down to the fans.”
Listeners of the breakout EP this October will be greeted with a combination of powerful verse and emotionally infused melodies. Attempting any other holistic description of the release would be irresponsible; no two tracks are quite the same. “Hush” relies on infectious vocals to hypnotize its audience; fast paced rhythmic instrumentals, on the other hand, dictate total control of listeners in “Oh No.” The scope of Jordan’s mastery has—in and of itself—guaranteed him a spot among the greats.
In short, DriftDivision’s premier EP is the next logical step in Jordan's musical progression. Some are already hailing “The End” as an answer to the lingering questions surrounding Matchbook’s breakup.
“My music isn’t going to be blasted at dance parties. It’s more or less a soundtrack to life.” Jordan says. “I think that’s my edge in the industry: people being able to relate to my lyrics.”