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Drift Effect


The most soulful and inspired music has been a product of rebellion: a defiance of social duress, from punk to jazz to alternative. This attitude of non-acceptance and these music styles are ones that we as a band have taken on as our own.


In a Music world consumed by instant gratification and one hit wonders Drift Effect has spent the last 2 and a half years doing their best to break the mold by writing music from the soul, music that stands for something. The band is made up of five men, frustrated with the state of affairs in a not so friendly age they will stop at nothing to tell their stories, stories that every person can relate to. With dueling guitars, impassioned vocals, and a steady rhythm section they have accomplished and perfected a sound that, while undeniably influenced by a number of fantastic musicians, stands on its own. A sound that hits you from many different angles; it punches you in the face with pure aggression then takes you for a ride filled with imagery and emotion and suddenly you are brought back to earth begging for more.
It didn’t take long for people to take notice. On the strength of their self-titled EP, XM Satellite radio picked them as one of America’s top 100 unsigned bands. And after less than a year of consistent gigging they were chosen to play Warped Tour in 2006 and have since built a rabid regional fan base that expands throughout the state of Minnesota, also Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska. The band released their first full-length album, Be Something in April of 2007. Magazines from 4 different countries recognized this album and radio stations in Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, and Australia began spinning songs off of Be Something. In late 2007, they signed an international distribution deal with Koch International/Astral Records and are in regular rotation on over 200 college radio stations throughout the United States.
In March of 2008, the band showcased at the 2008 Red Gorilla music and arts conference in Austin, Texas. In April 2008, the band released a new acoustic album called the Center. With shades of Alice in Chains unplugged, this album is intense and beautiful. This album has been very well received. Local Television stations have taken notice. The band will showcase a live performance on Kare 11 (NBC). Through all of the success and attention the band has received, they remain focused on pushing themselves. There is no formula, just an intense drive to make music. One of Minnesota’s hardest working bands is already planning their next full-length album. The band will enter the studio to begin recording their fourth release in May 2008. Decoymusic.com can best sum up their philosophy and drive in a review done by MJ Austin:

“Yet, coupled with Drift Effect’s proficiency at creating all-can-listen sounds that excel over their less-talented peers, probably their biggest selling point is the earnest nature of their lyrics…. Hopefully, this level of integrity will be long-lasting for career entirety, as it often disappears for other bands of their caliber. Will Drift Effect gradually de-evolve with each new album release? The trend report created by this band’s genre says that it’s inevitable. Still, just like everyone before them, they have the chance to prove us stuck-up connoisseurs wrong. Have faith.


Static truth

Written By: Ray Smart


Verse 1
They say truth is static
So I tell my self to wait
Do not be afraid of silence
Do not be afraid to wait
Do not numb yourself and
There’s no need to escape

Pre Chorus
but there is
just one thing
just give me a
little taste

It’s Okay, your Okay
Do not stay away
It doesn’t change
Your name
Feel the same again,
The same again
The same again, again
What’s it matter anyway
It doesn’t change your..

Post chorus
I am not your fool
I am all
you could not give
could not give
could not give
could not give

Chorus 2
But it’s Okay, I’m Okay
Do not stay away
It doesn’t change your name
Feel the same again
The same again
The same again



Written By: Ray Smart

I see the sun
My window pain
It burns my skin
And squints my eyes.
I'm feeling time
come down on me
I'm on my knees
and forced to plead

Streaks of light across my face
I hold my breath and pray for rain

It's hardly sane being
afraid to see the light of day

(Verse 2)
I breathe again
The glass is warm
The wall is stained
My heart is broken
My will is strained
...A crooked sky.
I will not wait,
I will not lie.


It's hardly sane being
afraid to see the light of day
All these things I wish I could say.

Wish I could stay......


Written By: Drift Effect

She says, "I’d like to see you again but I might not be around."
She says, "I’d like to see your face one last time, but I might not be around."

Ignorantly I asked, "Are you going out of town? You don’t have the time for me. You might not be around."
Patiently she says, "I’m terminal..and might not be around

she might not be around
she might not be around

time for her is not an abstract thing
for her its a constant reminder
that soon she’ll cease to be
each minute is a chance to
to love
to learn

She says, "It’s the same for anyone. Mortality is our Reality."

copyright 2008 Drift Effect Productions


The Center--2008
Drift Effect LIVE HD DVD--2007
Be Something--2007
Drift Effect EP--2005

Songs from the 2007 reelease, Be Something are currently streaming on www.myspace.com/drifteffect. In addition, Be Something is being played on over 300 stations around the United States, Canada, and Europe.

"the Center" will be released in April of 2008.

Set List

Drift Effect can play full original sets up to 2 hours long. Sets can also be a mix of originals and covers ranging from old school soul to reggae to modern hard rock to fit many different venues and longer set times.