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Drifter's Faith


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"Aaron Schwarz"

If there's one thing you can expect at a Drifter's Faith live show, it's pure energy. These guys blend classic rock, heavy metal, and funk, in a way that's bound to get your body moving... as there beautiful and dedicated following can attest to. This band gets the party going and the drinks flowing, with the melodic but aggressive vocals of Andrew Phillips, the screaming guitar stylings of Louis Perron, and the undeniable groove combination of Ben Mayo-Goldberg on the drums, and Nico [insert last name] on Bass. If you're still standing by the end of the show, then you're sure to be singing their songs on your way out. - Aaron Schwarz


Single: Scream About What's True

EP: Is in the process of being recorded and will be released in March 2013



Formed in 2010, Drifter's Faith has made a very strong entrance into the Montreal music scene. With influences such as R.H.C.P, Frank Zappa, Blind Melon, and the Rolling Stones, Drifter's Faith has been able to mix many styles into a unique Rock and Roll sound. Since its formation, Drifter's Faith has recorded an EP which is set to be released in April 2012, and has hand-made some spine-crushingly cool merchandise. DF promises to be one of the best shows around, so tell your friends and let's groove!