Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Driftglass is a genre bending progressive rock/metal act from Toronto Canada. The six piece group has been active since 2004 and presents a mature and original sound that bares similarities to the likes of Porcupine Tree, Mastodon, The Mars Volta, Dream Theater and Opeth.


Driftglass emerged out of the ashes of Dissident Saint, a progressive metal band playing clubs in Toronto, Canada since 2004.

With one album under its belt, the band slowly began to dissipate as members departed to pursue other interests.

Now, with a new lineup, the project currently known as Driftglass has emerged from the studio with its first release and a drive to return to the stage.

Driftglass' debut - The Stranger - features three diverse tracks and offers a preview of what's to come as the band establishes itself as a dominant force in Canada's progressive metal scene.

The band is currently working on recording their first full-length.


The Stranger EP

Set List

The Devil of My Dreams
Thrown Out To Shore
The Unfolding
The Stranger
My Last Lament
All That Remains